At the Grande Galerie de l'Evolution (Jardin des Plantes)
Until July 4, 2022

The immersive exhibition "L'Odyssée Sensorielle", absolutely magnificent!

From the equator to the far north, a poetic and sensory journey, made of breathtaking images, noise and smell. A discovery of biodiversity, of the fascinating world of insects thanks to images filmed in the 4 corners of the world!

The pink flamingos

In the 1st room, we are seized by the softness of the imagea body of water or hundreds of pink flamingos evolve in a graceful and light way. The pink color of the birds rubs off in the blue of the sky and the blue of the lake. They hypnotize us and we watch them evolve and fly away. It is the moonlight.

The Amazon rainforest

Then you are plunged into darkness. It is the hearing that is solicited: you have to listen ! The sound of water, the roar of a wild beast and the beating of its wings. Then the image appears and you float in the air, 30m above the groundhanging from a branch. Then it is the descent in the heart of the forest!


We observe the insects around us, but what is going on under our feet ? It's swarming! In a room that smells good mushrooms and autumn leaves, let's observe the ants, moleshedgehogs, earthworms and other small animals. It's exciting!

On the ground

Have you ever heard the ruffle of a dragonfly's wing? Have you ever watched a foraging bee up close? This is the fascinating world of insects filmed as close as possible! The images are of great beauty and we are fascinated by the butterflies, praying mantises, snails, bees that evolve under our eyes. It's the insect ball!

Underwater and on ice

They are so close that we have the feeling to swim with them. Enormous and airborne, they communicate with each other and we observe them evolving next to each other.

Then, we arrive at the end of the world, it is Greenland! Everything is steel blue set of an immaculate white. The landscapes are grandiose and freezing! The ice cracks, the wind blows, the beauty is wild.

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