Free and exceptional animations in the courtyard of the invalids
December 7 and 8

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: free and original historical and family show
Age:  for everyone
Date:  the weekend of December 7 from 2:30 pm
Location:   Museum of the Army ? Invalides (Paris 7ème)

Saint Barbara's Day at the Invalides - Free

Saint Barbara's Day at the Army Museum: a free and original family event

  • As every year the museum of the Army in collaboration with the Artillery School of Draguignan and its brass band celebrates the feast of Saint Barbara, which is the feast of the artillerymen.
  • Small reminder: Saint Barbara is the Patron Saint of fireworks, gunsmiths, artillerymen, etc. miners and firemen. Saint Barbara conjures up thunder, lightning, and all accidents related to the explosion of gunpowder.
  • To celebrate the feast of Saint Barbara, the courtyard of the Invalides is the scene of a free historical show, family around the artillery.
  • It is a festive weekend mixing performances, reenactments and presentation of military equipment.
  • Specialists from the artillery regiments retrace the evolution of the artillery from the First Empire to the present day to the sound of the Draguignan Military School band.
  • It's a free and exceptional animation for the general public.
  • Children accompanied by adults are invited to meet the actors of the event. They are encouraged to answer the questions in a booklet - games given free on site.

Timetable of the "Saint Barbara's Day at the Invalides":

  • Starting at 2:30 p.m. on December 7 and 8, 2019
  • Around 2:30 pm: brass band
  • Around 3pm: artillery demonstrations by soldiers in period costume
  • Around 3:30 pm: cannon fire
  • From 15:45: time for discussion with the actors of the event 


    Free : Saint Barbara's Day at the Invalides Museum

    Free : Saint Barbara's day at the Musée de l'Armee

    Free : Saint Barbara's Day at the Army Museum

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