Dance show

Rock the ballet X

  • We like : the mix of classical dance and hip hop on world famous titles
  • Age : from 10 years old
  • Dates : March 6-8
  • Place : Salle Pleyel (Paris 8e)
rock the ballet in Paris

Rock the Ballet X: the dance show that takes your breath away!

  • You're gonna get a load of this!
  •  Rock the Ballet is a mix of dclassical, jazz, hip-hopwithstunts and D'martial arts
  • All on tubes of Prince, U2, Queen, Michael Jackson, David Guetta, Coldplay and Beyoncé.
  • It's a great quality show, for dance lovers and novices alike
  • The 10 dancers are great, and you come out of the show full of energy...


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