A French "Uber eat" that is simple, local and fair trade.
the best restaurants in Paris for families

The objective of this new solidarity-based application

  1. It will promote a neighbourhood economy to recreate a link between you and your local restaurants.
  2. You support restaurateurs (30,000 bars and restaurants could go bankrupt by the end of the year) by ordering from them without going through the major foreign platforms
  3. 0€ set-up fee for the restaurant (Fair price 100%)
  4. The application will give visibility to restaurants who do not have a website
  5. No commission fees taken from their sales (they don't need that right now).

How does it work?

For the restaurant (the application is already operational)

  1. The restaurateur registers on the App Pro, free of charge, with no long-term commitment.
  2. He proposes a simple map (3 starters, 3 dishes of the day and 3 desserts)
  3. He will propose you the take away sale at first, the delivery a little later.
  4. Restaurateurs will choose their own delivery radius with a limitation of 1 or 2 km radius. to keep the local dimension
  5. Payment will be made online or on site (for the "to go").

For the customer (launch planned for January) :

  1. You download the application "Resto du coin" on your mobile (free)
  2. It offers you only the restaurants close to your home.
  3. You place your order and pick it up at the restaurant (the delivery is planned in a 2nd stage).
  4. Payment can be made online or on site
  5. The application invoices you only 1€ extra charge per order

What seduces us in this application!

  1. Find new addresses of restaurants next door
  2. To be able to help them while they're closed and give them a boost
  3. Create a real link afterwards between us and our small (and big) neighborhood restaurants.
  4. This application gives visibility to those who do not have a website and for whom large platforms are too expensive
  5. A French alternative (cock-a-doodle-doo) to the existing large platforms (the American application Uber Eats, the British application Deliveroo...) are too costly

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