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For children from 3 years

I am the strongest (and other wolf stories)

  • WE LOVE : a mischievous show about the wolf in children's stories
  • AGE : for ages 3 - 6
  • DATE : until November 13, 2022
  • DURATION: 45 minutes
  • LOCATION: Théâtre du Lucernaire (Paris 6e)
I am the strongest

Free seating

  • In a forest setting, the 3 little pigs play with the wolf to the tune of "Promenons-nous dans les bois".
  • They are happy until the real wolf appears
  • Arrogant and pretentious, he comes to confront all the characters of the tales that inhabit these woods: the 3 little pigs, Little Red Riding Hood, Snow White and the 7 dwarfs...
  • He wants to make sure that he is the strongest, the most beautiful, the smartest, but he will soon be disappointed. He will have to accept that he is not always a winner
  • A humorous show about the fear of the wolf where puppets and traditional rhymes are mixed together
  • Free seating
  • We advise you to arrive about 20 minutes before the start of the performance so that you can be seated at the place of your choice

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