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aller a la piscine avec un bébé


Paris counts 39 pools open to the public. But only 14 are equipped with small basins, shallow (max 1m50) allowing parents or grandparents to go swimming with toddlers or very young children. It is impossible to fill here the schedules of each swimming pool. Each pool has its own schedule that changes depending on the school holidays. Click on the indicated link for each pool to find out their schedules.

The pool Jean Taris (5th)


The Roger Rigal swimming pool (11th)

The swimming pool Jean Boiteux ex. Reuilly (12th)

The swimming pool of Butte aux Cailles (13th)

The swimming pool Emile Anthoine (15th)

The Keller Pool (15th)

piscine bassin extérieur© Cyril Badet

The pool of Auteuil (16th)

The swimming pool Henry de Montherlant (16th)

The pool Bernard Lafay (17th)

The swimming pool Champeret (17th)

The swimming pool Dauvin (18th)

The Hébert swimming pool (18th)

The swimming pool Mathis (19th)

The pool Pailleron (19th)



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