2 Molières in 2023
  • WE love : a very good and funny piece, so funny!
  • Age : from 12 years
  • Date from 09/12/2024 to 01/05/2025
  • Duration: 1:30
  • Location: at the Théâtre des Variétés (2nd)
  • Pitch : we all have a look-alike in the world. What if you met yours? Since they visited an apartment to settle down together, Arnaud has a slight doubt: did Marion have a crush on the real estate agent? By pure chance, he meets the real estate agent's look-alike and asks him to pretend to be the real estate agent. A great idea! Unless the fake agent finds himself face to face with the real one... And a twin brother shows up unexpectedly. Three look-alikes in the same evening is too much for Arnaud!
  • After its success at the Théâtre Saint-Michel, this "brilliant" play is back at the Théâtre des Variétés.
  • It's a boulevard play with slamming doors, bursts of voices, quiproquos but all in finesse.
  • A very good boulevard, funny, comical and we laugh a lot!
  • Sebastien Castro plays the role of the 3 look-alikes and his performance is phenomenal and bluffing
  • An excellent piece that puts you in a good mood!

LA DEPECHE DU MIDIThe story would be too simple if Sébastien Castro, a great admirer of Feydeau, hadn't invented a series of zany situations that send this couple adrift in a whirlwind where they have no control. A delirious new play, in which Sébastien Castro gives a lot of himself.
TELERAMAAn exhilarating boulevard comedy delivered at breakneck speed... Shocking situations and lines... A packed house of laughter... Irresistible!
LE FIGAROAt the Théâtre Michel, Sébastien Castro's comedy is shaping up to be a hit. In theaters for just a few days, Une idée géniale is already selling out at the Théâtre Michel.
L'OFFICIEL DES SPECTACLESAn extremely well-oiled, devilishly precise mechanism... The delicious text dynamizes vaudeville and catapults the boulevard into the skies of the absurd with contagious glee... A show that lives up to its title! 
LE FIGARO MAGAZINESébastien Castro's style combines the old-fashioned charm of boulevard theater with a very contemporary energy and humor. Endowed with an inimitable comic strength, he is a comedian whom audiences adore, and whose best actors love to surround themselves with: José Paul, a peerless artist, the energetic Laurence Porteil and the astonishing Agnès Boury... The quartet multiplies the characters as much as the laughs.
FRANCE 3 The laughter never stops... Sébastien Castro, a worthy heir to Feydeau! 
LE PARISIEN - The audience jubilates and literally writhes with laughter. 
THEATRAL MAGAZINE - The lines could well become cult hits! The audience leaps for joy... Fireworks! 
EUROPE 1 - It's great, you absolutely have to go! 
THE DOCTOR'S DAILY NEWSPAPER Irrésistible is a comedy imagined and performed by Sébastien Castro, heir to the virtuoso playwrights of Ray Cooney. We laugh heartily and admire the great artistry of the actors.
PARIS PREMIEREThe audience died laughing... and it's true that it's a brilliant idea! 

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