Discover the Paris that has been used as a setting for many video games
For a school or extracurricular outing

The private tour "Paris in the video games

  • Paris has inspired many designers of video games. Through this guided touryou will discover the Paris that has been used as a setting for many video games such as Tomb Raider, Assassin?s Creed, Onimusha 3
  • You will have fun finding on the walls of Paris favorite heroes and characters, demons or angels of darkness
  • This guided walk in Paris is for video gamers or children or for those who want to teens who want to discover this universe other than in front of a console
  • We also discover  Street Art in Paris Historical
  • We will talk about Assassin?s Creed, Lara Croft, Jacques Blanc in Onimusha 3, Mario, Sonic, Freezer, Yoshi
  • This ride is animated by a professional guide used to the young public
  • It is offered in French and English (great for working on English with teenagers!)
  • Age : from 10 years old
  • The area visited Place Saint Michel, Notre Dame, the Conciergerie Palace, Pont Neuf, the Louvre Museum, and the Pont des Arts are some of the places you will pass through during your visit.
  • VR Location Fountain St-Michel (in the 6th district)
  • Duration 1h30 (about 2km)
  • Visit provided by professional guide-lecturers (in French or English)
  • At least one adult must be present during the visit if it has been booked for a group of young people

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