Where to see animals in Paris and Ile-de-France?

The favorite outing of children
If the weather is nice, direction the zoological parks. There are two in Paris: the Zoological Park of Paris (formerly Zoo de Vicennes) in the 12th and the menagerie of Garden of plants, in the 5th. On Saturdays or Sundays, go to the Paris Farm. We love it with toddlers. Or more unusual, the breeding of dairy donkeys in the 94, a very nice place with children. For those who live in East of Paris, the Zoo of the Bois d'Attilly will make the happiness of the youngest ones.
In rainy weather or if it's chilly, aquariums are a great idea for family outings on weekends, Wednesdays or during school holidays. Enjoy from our discounted rates at the Aquarium of Paris (up to -32% discount)

Did you know ?
Who is the nap champion? It's the lion, who sleeps an average of 20 hours a day
zoo de vincennes tarif

The Zoological Park of Paris (12th)

WE love  : 2,000 animals of 180 species on an area of 14.5 hectares divided into 5 biozones
We do not miss  : the barefoot route, the feeding of animals, the wild rendez-vous, the meeting with the birds, the nocturnes in summer
ménagerie du jardin des plantes tarif

The Menagerie of the Jardin des Plantes (5th)

WE love : 240 mammals, 390 birds, 210 turtles, crocodiles, lizards and snakes, 140 amphibians and 900 insects, crustaceans and spiders
We do not miss  : healers, gardeners, veterinarians who are there to interact with visitors.
zoo d'attilly horaires et tarifs

The Attilly Wood Zoo (77)

WE love : 300 animals from 5 continents (76 species of mammals and birds), a park of more than 25 hectares with bodies of water, ancient oaks and a constant respect of the environment
For families : guided tours, educational workshops, mornings "Healer" one day "
zoo de Thoiry tarif

Thoiry Safari Zoo (78)

WE love : A real safari to see more than 800 animals that roam freely around your path
Among the species : girafes, zèbres, autruches, éléphants, ours, lions
Feeding wolves and tigers : every day at 4 pm
zoo de Beauval tarif

The ZooParc de Beauval (41)

WE love : One of the most beautiful zoos in France: more than 600 species among which elephants, giraffes, cheetahs, okapi, giant pandas. Shows with birds and sea lions (from March to September)
Did you know ?
The most venomous jellyfish is Chironex Chironex or sea wasp. Is considered the deadliest living creature on the planet
aquarium de paris tarif

The Aquarium of Paris (16th)

WE love : More than 10.000 specimens, 43 pools, a giant aquarium full of sharks, 3 nursery aquariums ...
We do not miss the magnificent medusarium, the pool for caressing carp and goldfish
aquarium tropical paris 12 horaires

The Tropical Aquarium (in the 12th)

WE love : about 5,000 specimens, 300 species of tropical fauna and flora including beautiful corals, 84 aquariums, a crocodile and alligator terrarium, a turtle terrarium, tropical freshwater fish
aquarium sea life à coté de disney 77

The Sea Life aquarium (77)

WE love : 350 species, 5000 individuals, sharks, catfishes, turtles, jellyfish ...
We do not miss : feeding animals, the touch pool, the game course to test his knowledge

The farm of Paris (12th)

WE love : 5 hectares with horses and cows, ewes, goats and pigs, chickens, roosters and rabbits ... An orchard and a vegetable garden.
When? Saturday on Sunday
ferme pédagogique dans le 94, : sortie insolite avec des enfants

Breeding of dairy donkeys (94)

We love their guided tours : a cheap outing (5 € for adults / 3 € for children - 12 years)
When? Saturday on Sunday