Molière for the best musical show

franglais bobino 2019

WE love
: a hilarious musical show
Age:  from 10/12 years old
Date:  until January 29, 2022
Location:   at Bobino


  • Have you ever translated the greatest hits of English or American musical history? You'd be surprised or disappointed!
  • The Franglaises company translates the original text into French and the result is rather surprising
  • A participative show: they give the audience the beginning of the song in French and you have to guess the title
  • One or more actors from the troupe then sing the song in French accompanied by the musicians on stage
  • By turns singers/dancers/musicians, they are funny, sympathetic, amusing, clownesque...
  • It is jubilant and completely crazy
  • A show that is good for the zygomatic and that gives you a boost when you leave
  • It's an all-ages show, so you can go with your family. The youngest will not necessarily know the songs, which will be a little less fun for them


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