It's free and in Paris it's rare. Let's enjoy!
In Paris, young people can visit some monuments for free. This is also the case several free Parisian museums for children under 26 years old. So, most emblematic monuments of Paris can be visited free of charge by young people, such as the Arc de Triomphe or the Conciergerie for example. Unfortunately this is not the case for the Eiffel Tower! Free admission is valid during the day and in the evening because some Parisian monuments make nocturnalThe good news is that free monuments in Paris are not just for young people. Free admission is extended to all the 1st Sunday of each month for certain monuments such as the Pantheon and the towers of Notre-Dame for example. Finally, do not forget that the churches are beautiful and always free. Enjoy!

les monuments gratuits pour les jeunes

Free monuments for young people

All young people under 18 (whatever their nationality) and those of under 26 EU citizens. (European Union) Benefit from free admission for the following Parisian monuments:

Free admission applies every day, without restriction of schedule.

Free monuments for all, every day

They are places of worship, but they are considered as emblematic monuments of Paris

Notre-Dame de Paris est gratuit pour tous, tous les jours

Free on the first Sunday of the month

Le Panthéon à Paris est gratuit le 1er dimanche du mois


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