Milirue's fun and educational exploration notebooks
1 discovery tour to be done on foot without a guide and in complete autonomy
Available in 4-7 years version (kindergarten, primary)

Your school or extracurricular outing
with Milirue's educational and fun kit

A complete kit to discover the Ile de la Cité

  1. An educational kit to prepare the outing (for the teacher or leader)
  2. A digital medium for an immersive and interactive visit
  3. A booklet (educational booklet) per child during the visit
  4. (the booklet can be studied in class after the outing and brought home)

You are a teacher, a leisure center, a youth association, a town hall?

  • Discover the Ile de la Cité thanks to the very well done notebooks from Milirue
  • From stage to stage, the children are the actors of their discoveries: anecdotes, observations, course or not course, ?A fun and captivating 100% walk in which they are the mini-guides !
  • The notebooks have been designed with a Montessori teacher, a speech therapist and a speech therapist with a pedagogical and playful approach. Their content is linked to the learning process from CE1 to CM2
  • They rely on a digital medium to an immersive and interactive visit. Nothing to download, no login, no password: it's very simple!
  • Material provided: a educational kit dematerialized for teachers/leaders with suggested activities to be done before the outing, in class, and others to be done on the way back (graphics, podcast, timeline, etc.) + 1 booklet per child
  • Children come home with their notebookswhich will be filled with all their finds and small memories throughout the day
  • D-Day, you are autonomous ! 100% free in your schedule and in the rhythm of your day.

The Milirue team will accompany you in your field trip project so that you can take advantage of all the resources available.

Useful information

  • Number of children : unlimited (no min. / no max.)
  • 1 booklet per child
  • 1 accompanying adult in groups of 4 to 7 children.
  • For children from 8 to 12 years old (also available in a 4 to 7 years old version).
  • Duration of the discovery tour : 1h30 to 2h
  • Departure: Notre-Dame de Paris square
school outings in Paris
le dernier secret d'Arsene Lupin

Jeu de piste-enquête “Le dernier secret d’Arsène Lupin”

(dès 10 ans)
visite guidée pour les petits à l'Orangerie

La visite guidée “Autour des Nymphéas”

Pour les 3-6 ans
visite guidée pour les petits au Louvre

La visite contée “Mon mini Louvre”

Pour les 3-6 ans
visite en famille à la conciergerie

“Être prisonnier sous la révolution” à la Conciergerie

Dès 9 ans
jeu de piste - chasse au trésor à Montmartre

Jeu de piste “2h pour découvrir le secret de Montmartre”

A Montmartre (dans le 18ème)
l'ile de la cité et Notre-Dame

Visite privée “Les mystères de l’Ile de la Cité”

Je réserve une visite privée en français -10% avec le code FAMILINPROMO Je réserve une…

visite ludique à Montmartre pour les enfants dès 6 ans

La visite ludique “Raconte-moi Montmartre”

JE RÉSERVE UNE VISITE 14? (adulte ou enfant)-10% avec le code FAMILINPARIS Pitch de la…


La visite-enquête ?A qui profite le crime ??

Dès 8 ans
visite pour les enfants et les ados à l'Arc de Triomphe

La visite guidée “Que de bataille pour un Triomphe”

Dès 9 ans
carnets pédagogiques pour les scolaires à Paris

L?Île de la Cité + Louvre-Tuileries avec les 8 à 12 ans

Sortie scolaire et péri-scolaire

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