Equestrian show in Provins (77)

The equestrian show "The Legend of the Knights"

  • WE love : high-flying, impressive stunts
  • Age for the whole family
  • When from 03/30/2024 to 03/11/2024
  • duration : 45mn
  • Place in Provins (in Seine et Marne)

"The Legend of the Knights" by the Equestrio troupe.

  • At the foot of the superb ramparts of Provins, you will witness the return of the Crusades of Thibaud IV, Count of Champagne and King of Navarre.
  • On the program of the show: juggling tricks, cascades, fights and jousting of knights. With the horses, of equestrian acrobatics, dressage, cavalcade and acrobatic figures
  • It is a playful and magical show that will make young and old alike shiver
  • Magnificent horses Lusitanians and Pure Spanish Breeds are at the top of the bill throughout the show. Other animals in the cast: a baudet from Poitou, a donkey with big ears, goose jokers and characters and goat
  • A show orchestrated by the Equestrio company, created in 2005, horse lovers and medieval entertainer : 16 seasons, 4000 performances and more than 1 500 000 spectators later...

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