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: magic at child height
Age :  For the little ones; Ideal for ages 3 - 10
Duration:  until 4 July 2021
Location:   The Magic Cave (Paris 9th)
The Magic Hat, the magic show for children

"The Magic Hat", the magic show specially designed for children

  • "The Magic Hat" is a very participatory show which transports children to the wonderful world of magic and illusion.
  • The magician, Christian Gambin, goes on, with his magic hat, the turns with the unexpected and extraordinary denouements.
  • He surprises with his tricks and call the children to participate on stage. The little ones go on stage to try to discover the strings that bring out all sorts of things from the mysterious hat.
  • Children trying to become magicians in their turn. But instead of giving them his recipes, the magician prefers to give them a magic balloon!

The magic cave, the magic room for children in Paris


  • The Magic Cave was created in 1995 by the magician Christian Gambin.
  • This magic theater is a must among the magical places of Paris.
  • The proximity of the public and the stage creates a unique complicity with the artists.
  • The Magic lair proposes family magic shows for all ages, magical shows for children or musical tales, stage magic shows or close-ups in the evening.
  • The best show for children aged 3 to 10 is "The Magic Hat".
  • At the Magic Cave, the public is encouraged to participate actively and a magic gift is offered to each child.
  • The Magic Cave is open every day during school holidays and public holidays.
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