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: A hilarious show
Age :  from 8 years
Duration:  Until January 4th
Location:   Saint Georges Theater (Paris 9th)
Les Faux British au théâtre Saint-Georges à Paris
  • With Les Faux British, English humor attacks the police intrigue.
  • Great success in the UK, the French adaptation is also a real success and the show has won the Molière 2016 of the Comedy.
  • Playing in Paris for several seasons now, Les Faux British is a "show in the show "extremely funny and cheering.
  • In this play, Seven English novels fans decide to create a show when they have never been on stage.
  • The 7 comedians amateurs improvise directors, playwrights and actors. This gives laughter every time! Amateur comedians are ridiculous, without any talent. Throughout the action, misfires accumulate. 
  • This is the theatrical plot Cluedo way. Above all, The British Faux, it's the story of a fiasco. To the despair of amateur actors, the play goes from disaster to disaster. The viewer remains in suspense, curious to know if the show will succeed, but also to know the outcome of this epic police story
  • A show of 1h40
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