The best activities for children and teenagers

Family activity in Paris and the Ile-de-France region

With a toddler or young child (between 0 and 6 years old), for activities outside the home, we rely on the early-learning activities or outdoor games to develop autonomy, motor skills and their 5 senses. It goes from the inevitable Guignol (or plays and concerts for very young audiences) at the pony ridess, parks and gardens with playgrounds and animal watching (zoos, aquariums and especially educational farms).

With older children (from 6/7 years old and up to pre-adolescence around 10 to 12 years old), it is possible to have a child who is a little older (from 6 to 12 years old).), it's all easy, it's a great age group. They're curious, creative, playful. and in great demand for outings and activities outside the houseIt's a very nice age. Children need to be fed and are eager to be fed.learn and of discover. For this age group of 6 to 12 years oldwe love activities that mix play and pedagogy like the Escape Games in outdoor, playful and cultural. Or thematic guided tours who will make them discover a part of the history of France or Paris, a district, a painting movement while having fun. And always, thea poolthe skating rink, workshops (the Kapla Center), parks (Disneyland Paris or France Miniature).

With tweens and teensIt's getting complicated. You're going to have to be inventive and creative in your proposals (to get them off their screens). Propose to them... an Escape Game, a ride in an electric Quad or on an electric scooter with an animator who's fishing, a trip to the bowling alley or visits to the theme of Street Art (big hit with teens). Say the words. Asterix Park or Disneyland ParisIt always works !


Among the favourite activities of parents, but especially of the youngest children: going to see animals (in zoos if the weather is fine or in aquariums In Paris, many theatres program plays adapted to children (with shorter, interactive sessions). Young audience concerts awaken them to classical music or jazz. Guignol is still here! All parks and gardens have children's playgrounds like at the Parc Floral. Our favorite night out in Paris remains the Great Gallery of Evolution.

activités sympas à faire avec des 3-5 ans à Paris ou en ile de France

activité sympa avec un enfant à partir de 6 ans à Paris et en ile de France


At this age, children are curious and they have itchy feet! Everything they like, a nice age for parents. The offer in sightseeing tours or in Outdoor Escape Games in Paris is great! Museums at their exhibitions offer children game booklets. Zoos, aquariums and farms On the entertainment side, plays, musicals and circuses flourish in Paris.  The City of Science (for its great shows) and the Great Gallery of Evolution remain our darlings in Paris!


Sometimes it's a puzzle to get them moving. The must-haves like the swimming pool, bowling or the rink are still working. Climbing walls are popular with pre-teens and teens! To be done as a team with them, the Escape Games outdoors are fun and educational (several neighbourhoods to discover while having fun). Your teenager will be delighted to challenge you! To party, it's the Teens Party And they will love you if you offer them the following: "And they will love you if you offer them a quad bike ride through the streets of Paris.

activités originales ou insolites pour un ado à Paris

idées sympa d'anniversaire pour un enfant de 6 ans, 7 ans, 8 ans, 9 ans, 10 ans


A photo shoot in Paris with friends and a professional photographer - A workshop at a florist's - A treasure hunt - An outdoor Escape Game -


A photo shoot in Paris - A dance party - An Escape Game - An initiation to Hoverboarding - A fun guided tour -

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Schools, town halls, leisure centres...

This section is intended for teachers (kindergarten, primary, middle school or high school) for school outings group with their classes. It is also aimed at to leisure centre or recreation centre leadersto town halls and to associations who are looking for a idea for a fun or educational outing with echildren, teenagers or young adults.

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