- Musical and luminous stroll in the Parc de la Villette -
December 4, 2021 at 5pm
  • WE LOVE : a magical moment at nightfall
  • AGE: for all children
  • DATE:  December 4, 2021 at 5pm
  • DURATION : 1 hour
  • LOCATION: Parc de la Villette (Paris 19th)

The parade of lanterns at La Villette: a magical stroll

  • 5th edition of the Lanterns parade at the Villette.
  •  A one-hour stroll at nightfall to the sound of percussion with your lanterns in hand, in the Parc de la Villette.
  • Traditionally in Thailand, on the occasion of the full moon festival, lanterns are released in the sky. When the lanterns fly away, it is the moment to make a wish. In Paris, we revisit the festival of the lanterns with a magical walk.
  • The ideal is to come with lanterns made by you and/or your children
  • Attention, there is no distribution or sale of lanterns on site

  • 1 hour walk from 5pm. Departure in front of Little Villette

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