From 28 March 2020 to 24 May 2020
Ferris wheel at the Foire du Trône
the swings of the Foire du Trône
the throne fair: bubbles for the little ones
the bumper cars of the Foire du Trone

Ticketing :  Throne Fair Pass
Age :  for all
When:  From 28 March 2020 to 24 May 2020
Location:   Reuilly's lawn, in the 12th


  • Throne Fair Pass : 26 tickets, valid throughout the season
  • This Throne Fair Pass entitles you to 10 rounds of rides and numerous coupons


The attractions of the Throne Fair

  • The Throne Fair proposes 350 attractions and 80 rides, for the whole family (young and old). It is the biggest funfair of France
  • For the youngest: auto bumpers, giant toboggans, rides of all kinds, giant bubbles on the water, car tours, ghost trains
  • For the older ones: thrilling attractions and looping for fun or scary


The program of the season

  • (very soon)


Practical information

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