The secrets, tales and urban legends of the city of light
In family, from 8 years old
private visit in the footsteps of the alchemists and Nicolas Flamel
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The guided tour "Paris, mysteries and legends

Discover the secrets, tales and urban legends of the City of Light. A dive into a Paris full of mysteries, tragic love stories and curses

  • Paris, a thousand-year-old city, is full of secrets and mysteries, legends and unusual tales. The city of light also has its dark side... Do you know the devil's gate of Notre-Dame or the dark story of the barber and the baker ...?
  • Your guide will immerse you in the history of Paris where you can find curses, mysteries, urban legends, tragic love story ... He will tell you the story of Nicolas Flamelmade famous by Harry Potter and his philosopher's stone so coveted by Voldemort.
  • Let us take you on a tour where myths, historical facts and superstitions that make this city such a fascinating place. 
  • A discovery of the heart of Paris between Saint Michel, the Ile de la Cité and the Halles district.

Tarifs and information

-10% with code FAMILINPROMO

  • Adult rate : 17,10€ instead of 19 €
  • Child rate (-12 years old): 8.55€ instead of 9.50€
  • the discount is applied at the time of booking
  • Free for children under 4

  • duration : 1h30 for a course of about 2km (on foot) 
  • Age from 8 years old
  • Meeting place : place Saint-Michel (metro Saint-Michel, line 4 or RER C)
  • Neighbourhood visited : Ile-de-la-Cité and surroundings
  • 20 to 25 participants per visit
  • In French

Privatization, rallies, school and extracurricular activities

  • For the birthday of your ado, you can book this guided tour (the presence of an adult is required if it is a group of minors), IT'S HERE
  • For a privatization, EVGF, EVG, Rally, IT'S HERE
  • For schools (primary, secondary, high school), leisure centers, associations, QUOTE REQUEST

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Find the list of our reviews
Star Star Star Star Star - Great!
Written by Maillard, 03-09-2023

Great tour, the kids were thrilled. Great guide!

Star Star Star Star Star - Super moment!
Written by Clerfond, 01-09-2023

An excellent opportunity to learn and share in a fun way.

Star Star Star Star Star - Great visit!
Written by Chomarat, 28-08-2023

Paul was a really nice guy, very erudite but able to adapt perfectly to his young audience. Really great! Also, the appointment was near a demonstration and we were with our little baby. I was pretty scared and called thinking I might cancel. I got a very attentive person on the phone, who told me that the most important thing was that I had a good time and offered to reimburse me. So, even though there was no need in the end, also a big thank you for that.

Star Star Star Star Star - Fantastic and mysterious Paris
Written by Sandrine, 24-08-2023

An erudite guide, but a tour unsuitable for children under 11. The reference to Harry Potter is just an advertisement; the tour is really designed for people who want to deepen their already in-depth knowledge of the city. No interactivity with the children, despite a pleasant, smiling guide, but only aimed at adults. Very disappointed by the content of this tour. Misleading presentation!

Star Star Star Star Star - An enlightening visit
Written by Valérie , on 26-07-2023

A wonderful stroll in the footsteps of a passionate and fascinating guide. Ideal for learning lots of things while opening your eyes to little-known elements of Parisian heritage.

Star Star Star Star Star - Fantastic and mysterious Paris
Written by BOQUET, 24-07-2023

A fascinating and friendly visit led by a guide who was up to the task. We can't remember his first name, but it was his last day before his vacation in Turkey. So much for congratulating him, and congratulations again on the content of the tour.

Star Star Star Star Star - Fantastic and mysterious Paris
Written by Glémot-Goarant, 15-06-2023

Thank you so much for this fascinating visit! We had a great time and so did the kids. Only one thing we can't wait to do: the other tours! Thanks again to our great guide!

Star Star Star Star Star - very nice
Written by Stephanie, 22-05-2023

Very nice tour! The guide made the visit very interesting. I recommend this tour.

Star Star Star Star Star - I would have loved to have taken this tour...
Written by Catherine MEADEB, on 19-04-2023

But we're under lockdown! The visit proposed on May 2 is totally forbidden (confinement until May 3). At the limit, we would have taken the risk: 4 people + the guide, no more than 6 with masks etc.. But My urban experience still didn't understand that we had a 7pm curfew! So the tour started at 5.30pm, and lasted 1.5 hours. DAMAGE!

Star Star Star Star Star - Very pleasant visit
Written by Penon , on 26-03-2023

Our guide was very interesting and the little stroll around Paris gave us the opportunity to discover some nice places. I'd recommend this tour and would do another the next time I'm in Paris.

Star Star Star Star Star - Paris tales and legends
Written by chani1704, 24-03-2023

a fascinating walk with a very nice and captivating guide. Thank you very much for this unusual discovery of Paris.

Star Star Star Star Star - Paris du chat qui pêche
Written by MATTA, on 22-03-2023

Thank you for this beautiful stroll around the Ile de la Cité and for the stories we won't forget. Our guide was very pleasant.

Star Star Star Star Star - Paris Mysteries and legends
Written by Moutier, 21-03-2023

Very interesting tour with an efficient and pleasant guide. I recommend this tour, which allows you to see Paris differently.

Star Star Star Star Star - Visit
Written by Pellegrini Daniela , 09-03-2023

Very interesting visit. The guide was passionate about history and answered all our questions. Very pleasant and kind. I'll come back to you the next time I'm in Paris. Thank you

Star Star Star Star Star - Fantastic and mysterious Paris
Written by Annie, 09-03-2023

A very interesting tour that was a great success with our grandchildren aged 16, 15 and 9. Our guide Bénédicte perfectly led the group of 2 children, 2 teenagers and 3 adults, helping us discover the treasures of old Paris and sharing her passion for history. A great experience, to be repeated.

Star Star Star Star Star - Mysterious Paris
Written by Jocelyn, 02-03-2023

A fascinating visit for young and old alike, thanks to our guide who was more than enthusiastic! I can't recommend it highly enough.

Star Star Star Star Star - Paris mystery and legends
Written by Cc, 01-03-2023

Great tour. Very interesting, lots of anecdotes. You learn a lot in a fun way.

Star Star Star Star Star - Top!
Written by Barbara Fourtier, 01-03-2023

Great tour! The guide was great! The kids (and parents) were thrilled!

Star Star Star Star Star - Really great!
Written by Beatrice , on 12-01-2023

For this visit, we had the pleasure of meeting up with our guide who had accompanied us on the "Paris of crime" tour, and once again it was a real pleasure! You can clearly feel the passion in the clear, rich explanations, despite the torrential rain! We highly recommend !!!!

Star Star Star Star Star - We'd love a few more hours!
Written by Thibaud , 02-01-2023

A very rewarding visit. The guide was punctual and revealed her passion for Parisian history with great splendor. We went to some unusual places in Paris and learned a lot about its mysteries and legends!

Star Star Star Star Star - An original route
Written by christian, 08-12-2022

Interesting and informative visit for the three of us, two adults and a ten-year-old girl.

Star Star Star Star Star - A good time!
Written by ACL, 05-11-2022

Despite the very rainy weather, we had a great time exploring the streets of Paris with our guide, to the rhythm of fantastic anecdotes. A fun way to perfect your knowledge!

Star Star Star Star Star - original visit
Written by Sylvie, 02-11-2022

Another way to discover a neighborhood. What's more, the atmosphere, between dogs and wolves due to the change in winter schedule, helped to create a suitable atmosphere. Well done to our guide, who was able to interest all age groups.

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