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All necessary sanitary measures are implemented at FlyView. Physical distance is maintained, hydro-alcoholic gel is available and all contact points are disinfected after each use. Please bring your mask with you.

3 unusual experiences of visiting Paris in virtual reality
Real 360° views taken by UAVs
Discover the most exceptional places in Paris from an entirely new perspective!
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FlyView360, le vol virtuel au dessus de Paris

3 spectacular experiences to see Paris differently. According to your desires, choose one of the 3 FlyView experiences (The Incredible Flyover / Hidden Paris / Reliving Notre Dame) at the unit price of 19€. Or combine 2 experiments (the two experiences pack à la carte at the price of 29€, the second attraction for 10€ more). Take advantage of the summer flash sale: -20% on all tickets. 

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39 opinions

WE love spectacular virtual tour experiences of Paris
SPECTACULAR: Fly over Paris and admire its 360° views - Sensations guaranteed!
Unusual: Jetpack flight over Paris with a 360° vision and dive inside Parisian monuments to discover their backstage areas forbidden to the general public.
summer flash sale -20% on tickets until September 30
Warning :  attraction accessible to people over 1m20 only


  • Aboard a jetpack, a real flight simulatorput on your helmet and fly over Paris. It's spectacular. 
  • On a dynamic platform you will: take off, accelerate and vibrate to the rhythm of your flight: sensations guaranteed!
  • Allow 45 minutes for the entire experience. (23 minute flight included)
  • During this experience of fly over Paris in virtual reality, you will fly over Notre Dame (You will see Our Lady before the fire that destroyed her roof), the Eiffel Tower, the Arc de Triomphe and many Parisian sites
  • Our advice: If this is your first time at FlyView, you should definitely start with the Incredible Flyover for your first experience.
  • Attention, the flight is disadvised to the pregnant women and the people of fragile health

As a bonus, the world bonus!

  • After flying over Paris, FlyView Extend your 360° experience with a jetpack trip around the world to discover 7 of his wonders The Great Wall of China, the Victoria Falls in Africa and many others ...
  • An extraordinary journey of 5 minutes to see 7 natural sites around the world.
  • Real and unpublished 360° views of Paris taken by drones (no CGI)
  • ... Always so bluffing!



  • Teleport to spatially inaccessible and secrets of the places and monuments of Paris.
  • Climb on the canopy of the Grand Palais, explore the Holy Chapeldiscover the machinery of the Eiffel Tower  and climb to its summit, visit the secret corridors of the Pantheon ...
  • Discover fascinating stories, told using virtual and augmented reality.
  • 360° views of Paris, breathtaking (filmed with drones), special effects, 3D animations.
  • Duration of the experience "Paris Caché" : 35 minutes for the whole experience (18 minutes flight time)



  • Teleport yourself in virtual reality into the cathedral as if you were really there!
  • Exceptional virtual reality immersion at heart of the Cathedral before and after the fire
  • You are taken into the building as it was before the fire, from the vast nave to the gargoyles, the bell towers and the sacristy.
  • Thanks to the virtual reality helmet, the immersion is spectacular. The real 360° views were filmed before and after the fire with drones.
  • Then FlyView takes us after the fire, for see the cathedral in its present state. We cross the central nave and fix a gaping hole, barely veiled by a tarpaulin. We are at the exact spot where the flaming arrow fell and tore the vault. The marble in front of the altar is cracked and the floor is still littered with rubble. From the inside of the cathedral to the scaffolding balanced above the vault, you are transported into a unique, emotional experience.
  • Duration of the experience "Revivre Notre-Dame" : 35 minutes for the whole experience (18 minutes of flight)



flyview le vol virtuel au dessus de Paris


FlyView360, bonus monde en jetpack



    • It's a unusual and unusual exit, which will please the whole family
    • You are greeted at Flyview as if they were in a boarding lounge for a mysterious flight.
    • A hostess will take you to a pre-boarding room where you will be given a few safety instructions (3D helmet adjustment, installation in the JetPack for the overflight of Paris).
    • Then on to the boarding lounge
    • Your choice, 3 virtual reality experimentsat the unit price of 19€:
      • The Incredible flight over Paris : to do absolutely, if you only have to do one of the experiments. This is the overflight of Paris aboard a jetpack
      • Hidden Paris: During this visit, you will experience teleportation and explore the mythical monuments of Paris.
      • To relive Notre Dame: Exceptional virtual reality immersion in the heart of the Cathedral before and after the fire.
      • The ideal is to take  the Pack "2 experiences to choose from". Composition of the pack à la carte among the 3 experiments. The Pack is 29€ instead of 38€ (23,20 euros during the flash sale)



  • Wednesday from 2:30 pm to 7 pm
  • Friday from 2:30 pm to 8 pm
  • Saturday and Sunday from 11am to 7pm
  • During the All Saints' Day holidays (from 17 October to 1 November inclusive): every day from 11am to 7pm.
  • During the Christmas holidays (from 19 December to 3 January inclusive): every day from 11am to 7pm.
  • Last entry, one hour before closing


  • Once your payment has been made, you will immediately receive by email your codes to make your reservation with FlyView.
  • Reservation required on the site https://tickets.flyview360.com  . Reservation to be made once you have received the codes that we send you by email.
  • Tickets are neither cancellable nor refundable

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    • Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday from 11h to 19h
    • Thursday, Friday, Saturday from 11h to 21h
    • Sunday from 11h to 19h
    • Last entry, one hour before closing


Do you have to come in shorts or jeans for the animation? Do you move during the virtual tour? Thank you for your answer.

Logo Familin'Paris
Agnes Team Familin'Paris

No, we don't move during the animation. Come as you are. For the JetPack, we're standing and he's leaning slightly. It's best to avoid high heels to be comfortable.

Murielle Lemercier

Is this activity accessible to eyeglass wearers?
Thank you in advance.
Yours sincerely.

Logo Familin'Paris
Olivia Team Familin'Paris

Hello Madam,

Yes, this activity is perfectly possible with glasses. A large helmet is placed over the glasses.

We would like to come with the family but my daughter is 1m20 tall with only her shoes on, can she have access to Flyview? Can I buy the tickets without fear of being refused entry?
Thank you

Logo Familin'Paris
Olivia Team Familin'Paris

It's no problem to come to FlyView if you're just a few inches shorter.


I would like to come with my daughter who is in a chair, she can make her transfers.

is the place accessible?

to read you,

C. MOntaclair

Logo Familin'Paris
Agnes Team Familin'Paris

Hello, Flyview access is quite wheelchair accessible. Flyview combines video and movement when using the JetPack (while standing). She will only have video if she is in a wheelchair. I hope to have answered your question. Best regards. Agnes

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