A spectacular experience flying over Paris and its monuments in JetPack
Fly over Paris and admire its 360 ° views  - Guaranteed sensations!
Thanks to virtual reality, a flight more real than nature that offers a magnificent tour of Paris in the air.
Paris from the sky , with takeoff, accelerations, stop in panoramic vision, rotation, lateral displacement, descent near the monuments.
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FlyView360, le vol virtuel au dessus de Paris

WE love : a spectacular flight over Paris with a 360 ° view over its monuments
Unusual: a virtual reality flight aboard a jetpack
Duration:  About 35 minutes including 13 minutes of flight
OFFRE FAMILLE :  2 billets adulte et 2 billets enfant (moins de 12 ans) : 50 euros au lieu de 60 euros
Warning :   accessible to more than 1m20 only

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  • It's a unusual and unusual exit, which will please the whole family
  • You are welcomed at Flyview as in a boarding lounge. The staff is charming and attentive
  • A hostess takes you to a pre-boarding room where you are given some safety instructions (installation in the JetPack, adjustment of the 3D helmet)
  • Direction to the departure lounge. You settle in a jetpack, a real flight simulator, and off you go with Flyview 360 for an overview of Paris 13mn approximately:  take off, acceleration, stop in panoramic vision, rotation, lateral displacement ...
  • During this experience of fly over Paris in virtual reality, you will fly over Notre Dame (You will see Our Lady before the fire that destroyed her roof), the Eiffel Tower, the Arc de Triomphe and many Parisian sites
  • This jetpack flight over Paris is a unique experience thanks to the unprecedented real shots of Paris taken by drones that filmed Paris at 360 °
  • Allow 35 to 40 minutes for the entire experience (flight included)
  • Attention, the flight is disadvised to the pregnant women and the people of fragile health

FlyView360, survol de Paris en jetpack


FlyView is open 7 days a week, every day of the year (including holidays)

  • Lundi, mardi, mercredi , jeudi de 11h à 19h
  • Vendredi, samedi de 11h à 21h
  • Sunday from 11h to 19h
  • Last entry, one hour before closing
  • You come the day and at the time of your choice, without reservation
  • Les jours de grande fréquentation, Flyview sera peut-être obligé de vous faire patienter avant le début de l’activité.


  • Once your payment has been made, you will immediately receive your ticket by e-mail
  • This ticket must be presented to the Flyview Fund.
  • It is not necessary to print the e-ticket if you can present it from your smartphone
  • Tickets are valid, without reservation, the day and time of your choice
  • Tickets are neither cancellable nor refundable

les jetpack de FlyView

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Practical information

View schedule details Open 7 days a week, every day of the year (including holidays)
    • Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday from 11h to 19h
    • Thursday, Friday, Saturday from 11h to 21h
    • Sunday from 11h to 19h
    • Last entry, one hour before closing



I would like to come with my daughter who is in a chair, she can make her transfers.

is the place accessible?

to read you,

C. MOntaclair

Logo Familin'Paris
Agnes Team Familin'Paris

Hello, Flyview access is quite wheelchair accessible. Flyview combines video and movement when using the JetPack (while standing). She will only have video if she is in a wheelchair. I hope to have answered your question. Best regards. Agnes

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