Festival Chorus des Enfants 2024

  • WE LOVE : family fun with music and sport
  • AGE : for all from 2 years old
  • DATE: Wednesday, March 20, 2024
  • HOURS: from 9.45 a.m. to 5.30 p.m.
  • DURATION : all day
    • la Seine Musicale (Boulogne 92)
    • And on the Parvis

Shows, music and sports activities for children on the program for this "Chorus des Enfants" day.

  • Funk, 80s pop, electro, boom, beatboxdigital arts visual arts, song...
  • Throughout the day, children will enjoy music activities and workshops, dancing, mixing and experiencing urban cultures (on hip-hop like in the 80's, or arcade games).
  • Plus ongoing activities and workshops, 8 shows for young audiences with poetic and colorful universes will be performed
  • With Pascal Parisot in concert, PiXMiX - la Boum Electro!
  • The Chorus experience even extends beyond the shows, with events on the Parvis and inside the Seine Musicale. This year's theme is "The Olympic Games", with the funniest games!

Continuous entertainment :

  • XXL Olympic Course as part of the 2024 Olympic Games, with the climbing wall, the Giant Soccer Target - Human Foosball and Power 4 Basketball.
  • Crazy mixing" workshops with the "Fablab" to listen to the strange sounds contained in the objects that surround us - "Circuit Robot" musical workshop or - sound and musical creation - accessible to toddlers
  • Disco trail in an inflatable play area with lights and integrated music
  • Retro arcade kiosks for Kids 
  • Antique toy and photo exhibition 
  • Sustainable development awareness workshops with mini-garden, waste sorting and ecological merry-go-round
  • Glitter and makeup booth with ecological glitter made from plants for a festive and colorful atmosphere;

Morning programming :

✔️ 09h45 - Petite Seine - A Philo-Musical film show - "La Vie est Belle" (Life is Beautiful) - Cyril Catarsi & Zoé Marguaritte - from 3 years - (Duration 35 min.)

A Philo-Musical ciné show that retraces the great stages of life with Cell, a mischievous little cell. Projected on a large screen and accompanied by musician-actors. A poetic fresco for young and old, full of philosophy and with plenty of twists and turns!

✔️ 10h30 - Riffx - concert - "The Best of Pascal Parisot - from 4 years - (Duration 50 min.)

Together with Jacques Tellitocci and Pascal Colomb, Pascal Parisot goes to the gala with his costume and everything he's written for children! It'll probably be funny, certainly poetic, undoubtedly rhythmic, and definitely joyful!

✔️ 11h30 - Petite Seine - Concert-ciné - "Versant Vivant - Emilie Tarascou & Simon Kansara" (Living Verse - Emilie Tarascou & Simon Kansara) - from 5 years - (Duration 45 min.)

A sensitive, contemplative musical show that blends electro-acoustic compositions with a variety of live plastic manipulations. Using a dozen instruments, Simon creates melodies that are the perfect accompaniment to Émilie's projected drawings - a lively, poetic and spellbinding show.

✔️ 11h30 - Auditorium - "Yūrei" - Dance, music, beatbox and digital arts - from 7 years - (Duration 50 min.)

Where tribal meets digital, from origins to the future, for a rhythmic journey to the sound of beatbox and its frenzied distortions.

Afternoon programming :

✔️ 15h - Petite Seine - "Ladylike Lily - Les Graines Oubliées" - Shadow theater - from 5 years - (Duration 45 min)

Feminist ecologist; a musical tale imagined by visual artist and multi-instrumentalist Ladylike Lily: a playground, a space for freedom and demands, full of poetic wonder.

✔️ 15h20 - Auditorium - "The Big Bad Fox and other talesCiné-concert -From age 6 - (Running time 85 min)

César for Best Animated Film 2018, Le Grand Méchant Renard is a film for all hands, even the biggest! It features some particularly restless animals, a Fox who thinks he's a Hen, a Rabbit who acts like a Stork and a Duck who wants to replace Santa Claus. Adapted from a comic strip by Benjamin Renner - Accompanied live by a 9-piece orchestra

✔️ 14h - Riffx - "PiXMiX - La Boum Electro" - Dj set for kids - from 6 years - (Duration 75 min)

PiXMiX is a DJ set for kids, halfway between a party and a blind test. The party is participative: each child votes to choose the style of the next sound. A sort of giant game for young and old, dedicated to the dancefloor and the discovery of electro in all its diversity!

✔️ 16h20- Riffx - "La Boum - des Boumboxeurs" - a party for young and old alike - from 6 years - (Duration 60 min)

For young and old alike, a party to let off steam, set to funky music ranging from KRS-One and George Clinton to Jackson Five and Kriss Kross. Expect to let your hair down: this party is a series of explosive animations to get people of all ages moving, all to a fresh, groovy tune!

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