In family, from 8 years old
the luxembourg garden in Saint-Germain-des-prés

The playful visit "Mythological heroes in Luxembourg".

After a short introduction and a few surprising anecdotes about the creation of the Luxembourg garden, it's time for an exciting 1h30 treasure hunt.

From the myth of Polyphemus (cyclops monster son of Poseidon) to Heracles (Hercules) cleaner the stables of Augias, by way of the Triumph of Silenus (our speaker's favorite) and the stories of CalliopeVenusApolloChronosor the goddess DianeYour children will (re) discover the great stories of Greco-Roman mythology in the company of a fabulous guide-storyteller for children (young and old)

During this visit, the guide will explain to the children the emblematic monument of the garden, the famous Senate.

Rates and practical information

  • An adult seat is necessarily associated with a child seat.
  • Weather Visits are maintained even if it rains lightly. They are cancelled if the garden is closed or in case of storm
  • Held at Wear comfortable shoes (like sneakers). And don't forget water bottles, hats and glasses if the weather is very nice.

  • Meeting place : the Luxembourg garden
  • Duration of the visit : 1h30
  • This visit is animated by lecturers specialized in history and mythology
  • Group visit : 20 to 22 participants max.
  • Free of charge for children under 4
  • Rate for a group visit : from 15€ / person
  • Language : in French

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Star Star Star Star Star - E
Written by anais delcambreauda, 10-11-2023

Excellent guide

Star Star Star Star Star - f
Written by ANNAaE aLEAnneSUEUR, 10-11-2023

The tour was led by a wonderful guide who kept the children enthralled. Thank you for an afternoon that interested young and old alike and that will remain an excellent memory. Anne and Laïla LESUEUR

Star Star Star Star Star - Great visit!
Written by soaz tanguy, 02-11-2023

No difficulties whatsoever, either at the time of booking or on site. The weather was very (very, very) hot, so our guide made sure everyone found a place in the shade at every station on the tour. Our two 9-year-old granddaughters (who are big fans of mythology at the moment) were enthralled. A real success that we've since warmly recommended...and we're ready to call on your services again for our next escapade.

Star Star Star Star Star - a great visit, my 7-year-old grandson was delighted
Written by Françoise, 29-10-2023

Well done to Cyril, who led the children's troupe through the discovery of mythology as they explored the park's artworks and statues. We were more than satisfied with this sunny, cultural afternoon in the Luxembourg Gardens.

Star Star Star Star Star - Very interesting guided tour for young and old alike
Written by Alexandra, 27-10-2023

We were delighted with the guided tour. For the grown-ups, it was another way of visiting the Luxembourg Gardens. The children were captivated throughout.

Star Star Star Star Star - Great!
Written by Andrinka Krijan , le 26-10-2023

Don't hesitate! It's really excellent!

Star Star Star Star Star - Interesting and nice
Written by Elsa , 03-10-2023

A top-notch guide who knows how to handle children and keep them interested. A great visit for parents too!

Star Star Star Star Star - BY AN ENTHUSIAST!
Written by virginie BRUANT, on 28-09-2023

Cyril captivated youngsters, teenagers (12 years old) and adults alike with his anecdotes and intrigues to find the sculptures in the garden. He was passionate and fascinating! I RECOMMEND !!!

Star Star Star Star Star - A very rewarding visit thanks to a great guide!
Written by Maria Hass Leblanc , 09-25-2023

Very well organized (that counts) and above all a very good guide... Cyril was very motivating for the children and knew how to pass on his knowledge (which is substantial) without putting aside the fun part of the visit. In a nutshell. My son and I had a great time. I'd definitely recommend it.

Star Star Star Star Star - the heroes of mythology
Written by odette Guenault, 01-09-2023

The presenter knows her subject very well. My only complaint is that she should have occasionally silenced the 2 boys aged 10/11 who interrupted her purely for the sake of interrupting. My eldest granddaughter, who just turned 12 and is entering 4th grade, wanted to reply, but was only able to do so once. The youngest, soon to be 9, had a lesson or 2 on mythology and couldn't answer. Other children would have liked to. My eldest was very annoyed Yes, I had a hard time signing up: I had signed up very well for theTuileries and 10 minutes later I made a mistake for Luxembourg. and it was really well explained to me, I was on the bus at 1pm++stress obviously I'm no good with computers but if they'd explained it to me as well the next day... I was a little stressed inside when I arrived.

Star Star Star Star Star - An excellent performance by the day's speaker, who kept the children and accompanying adults interested.
Written by Bernard DUFOUR, 01-09-2023

All right!

Star Star Star Star Star - Very interesting guided tour
Written by christian caron, 31-07-2023

Guided family tour for adults and children alike, but not too young (from 9/10 years old, as it's part of the 6th grade curriculum). A guide who knows how to interest children.

Star Star Star Star Star - Beautiful discoveries
Written by CH, 29-07-2023

Activity with my 8-year-old grandchildren, who had a great time with an animator who knew how to arouse their curiosity. I recommend this activity.

Star Star Star Star Star - Original educational and entertaining tour
Written by Geneviève PHIIPPE , 22-07-2023

I recommend this visit.

Star Star Star Star Star - Two fabulous hours. My son, a mythology fan, was captivated from beginning to end!
Written by Muriel Berget Loustaneau, on 17-07-2023

I thoroughly recommend it for all children. From 5 years old if passionate about mythology ) you need to be able to keep your attention for 2 hours and walk a bit ) and everyone from 7 years old. Even as an adult, I enjoyed it.

Star Star Star Star Star - Very interesting and fun, but the child must have some knowledge of Greek or Roman mythology.
Written by Michel NGUYEN THE KIM, 15-07-2023

I would certainly recommend this activity.

Star Star Star Star Star - Good performance, and the children's attention never wavered for a minute..:
Written by Dominique Werstink, 14-07-2023

History of the place and mythological stories, everything interested my 9-year-old granddaughter. I recommend this activity

Star Star Star Star Star - Very satisfied with this outing. The guide is very interesting.
Written by Marie-jose Berthie , 14-07-2023

I highly recommend this activity.

Star Star Star Star Star - Zero
Written by Christine Goémé, 07-07-2023

I made a mistake with the date... Which I realized 5 minutes later. As a grandmother with a small pension, I reported it immediately... kindly and apologetically. But hey...there's no way I'm going to make a mistake....l

Reply from FamilinParis
Written by the Familin'Paris team

Good afternoon, Mrs, We have exchanged e-mails on this subject and I have informed you that your file is being processed by our partner.

Star Star Star Star Star - A richly entertaining visit
Written by Isabelle, 07-07-2023

A very rich visit, presented in the form of a treasure hunt. The children were captivated and learned lots of tricks.

Star Star Star Star Star - A great discovery!
Written by yolaine DAUZET, on 26-05-2023

Pleasant tour with content suitable for 8-12 year-olds - very committed and interesting tour guide. Almost private tour - only 3 children!

Practical information


A belated message to thank you for this wonderful afternoon spent in Cyril's company! He's a terrific speaker, and his explanations are really top-notch, while remaining accessible to the younger ones! Which is often a tour de force. I don't think I'm wrong in saying that we parents had a great time wandering around these gardens, which we also enjoyed (re)discovering ... I'll take the liberty of sending you a photo of the little participants (from the back 😉 ) enthralled!

Madam, Sir, We thank you for this beautiful visit program. Thank you to Cyril for his pedagogy and the quality of his exchanges with the children. Could you give me the list of the words of the skull? We were unable to find them all when we got home. Wishing you a good evening. Sincerely Audrey

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