Digital experience at the Atelier des Lumières

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: a total and bluffing sensory experience
Age :  for all, from 4 years old
Duration:  until January 5, 2020
Location:   the Atelier des Lumières (Paris 11th)

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immersive and digital exhibition on Van Gogh at the Atelier des Lumières

The Atelier des Lumières, the new cultural site of Paris

  • The Workshop of Lights opened in the spring of 2018 in a former smelter from the 11th arrondissement of Paris. This very large exhibition space is perfectly suited to the ambitions of this new Parisian cultural venue.
  • The founding principle is put technology at the service of the artistic tradition by appropriating classical pictorial works to make them gigantic video projections.
  • It is another way to organize exhibitions, to discover art, it's bluffing and it'll please the young audience, It's certain !
  • In a space of 2000 m2 and 10 meters high, Van Gogh's works are projected on the floor, ceiling and walls.
  • It's a visual shock, the colors explode. A music accompanies the projection. We are immersed in a sound and light size XXL. More than 3000 images set in motion by 140 laser projectors make this possible immersive art.
Vanv Gogh, exhibition Starry Night at the Atelier des lumières

Van Gogh, the starry night: the major works come alive in XXL format


  • The second exhibition of the Atelier des Lumières is dedicated to Van Gogh (after that of Klimt last year which was a huge success)
  • We particularly admire The Potato Eaters (1885), the Sunflowers (1888), The Starry Night (1889) and The Bedroom (1889)
  • All on a large scale and in music. We are full of sight and ears. The masterpieces come alive, revealing all the feverish force of Van Gogh's brush, over a haunting music by Luca Longobardi
  • In addition to Van Gogh, the Atelier des Lumières presents a projection on Japanese pictorial art. It's magical and wonderful. Animated monsters dance before your eyes. It may be even more beautiful than Van Gogh!
  • No pedagogy, but pure emotion. For about 1 hour, the works of unfold around you, allowing you to admire the detail of a work then its whole
  • A very different experience from a classic but equally stimulating exhibition. The kids will love. They are free to circulate as they please in this immersive space, to dance to the music in rhythm with the explosion of colors.
  • A different exhibition, fun, which really thrills.
children love the Atelier des Lumières
living monsters at the atelier des lumières in Paris
immersive exhibition at the Atelier des Lumières

Practical information

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  • Sunday to Thursday from 10h to 18h
  • Friday and Saturday from 10h to 22h
  • Open daily, including all holidays
  • Until 31 December 2019

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