Carte blanche to Plonk et Replonk-Bébert
At the Museum of Hunting and Nature
©Signe Productions - Claude Stadelmann - Plonk & Replonk-Bébert

Sport with humor and poetry

  • WE love : the quirky and very funny aspect of this exhibition, in one of our favourite museums
  • Age :  from 3 years
  • Place : at the Museum of Hunting and Nature - (Paris 3rd)
  • Dates:  until September 22, 2024
  • schedule Tuesday to Sunday, 11 a.m. to 6 p.m.
  • Nocturne Wednesdays until 9:30pm (not in July and August)
  • Closing Monday and public holidays
  • duration duration : 45 min
  • FREE for children under 18 and for all on the 1st Sunday of the month museum + exhibition on reservation

Laughter: a new Olympic discipline!

Invited by Museum of Hunting and NatureSwiss collective Plonk & Replonk-Bébert is invited to "parasitize" the permanent collections!

As soon as you enter the museum courtyard, an unusual podium welcomes us. Paying homage to fourth place, is the winner the only one who deserves the top step?

We go from surprise to surprise by discovering the works of Plonk & Replonk - Bébert scattered among the collections

Twenty or so photomontages based on well-known works invite us to imagine brand-new disciplines, each crazier than the last: a duck skating on ice, a "bipolar" polar bear playing ping-pong with a racket, or a victorious rooster in basketball laying a hairy egg!

There's never a dull moment in this museum located in the Marais district ! This exhibition full of humour and fantasy is ideal for rediscovering the collections and entertaining young and old alike.

We also recommend the fun museum tour with the children of 3 to 7 years

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