"The mysteries of the Latin Quarter"

avis de 4 étudiants sur l'escape Game du quartier Latin,


This outdoor escape game has been a nice experience and an original way to discover some elements of the historical heritage of Paris.

The goal of the game was to go to a mystery place before the opposing teams. To identify it, we had to unblock a jumble of photos with passwords, themselves obtained as the journey progressed. For that, we were equipped witha digital tablet, ofa little notebook, ofa map of the 5th arrondissement and D'a book of riddles.

Following the route directions, sometimes precise, sometimes quite vague, we went to different places in the area: the Saint Michel fountain, the Gothic Saint-Séverin church, the remains of Gallo-Roman baths, in front of a door , a bas-relief, a medallion adorning a wall ...

At each stage, an enigma was asked to be able to find the password. For example, we had to determine which term a sculpture was allegory, find the color of a sign formerly famous in the Rue de la Huchette, or the name of the attribute of a knight adorning a section of the 'church.

With a sense of observation sharpened by the riddles, some small historical or architectural secrets of the Latin Quarter have been unveiled. All this in a way fun and educational because of the additional information given by the booklet, concerning the monuments discovered or the streets traveled.

After gathering all the photos, not without difficulty - but the guide was always reachable in case of small blockage), we started to think about the nature of the final place.

The information provided by the images was subtle, but helped by bonus photos, we were able to move towards this last stage ... and get there first!

Julia (20 years old) - July 31, 2019


A big thank you to Julia for writing this article and congratulations to the team of 4 students! They are the first team to arrive at the mystery place that day!

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