The menu below for the Bâteau Mouche lunch cruise in Paris is indicative. It is subject to change for reasons of supply availability.

Bateaux-Mouches lunch cruise menu

(all other requests will be charged extra)


  • Kir


  • Sliced smoked salmon, red cabbage with coriander
  • Pressed chicken with lemon and basil
  • Beet hummus, crunchy vegetables, crispy tofu * (in French)


  • Saithe steak, bell pepper compote, broccoli mousseline, shellfish sauce
  • Chicken supreme, parmesan crumble, vegetable galette, smoked sauce
  • Chickpea falafels, bell pepper ratatouille, basil jus *

* Vegetarian

Cheese(s) or dessert(s)

  • Cheese duo
  • Chocolate praline pleasure
  • Lychee and raspberry sweetness
  • Lime and sesame sapphire *

Coffee or tea


  • Rothschild Chardonnay - IGP Pays D'Oc
  • Cabernet Sauvignon - IGP Pays D'Oc
  • (Choice of 1/2 bottle per person)
  • Or 1 soft drink (25/33 cl) for 1 person

Children's menu

  • Breaded shrimps
  • Chicken fillet, trio of mousselines
  • Chocolate praline pleasure
  • 1 soft

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