guided tour on the theme of "Dilili in Paris" the last animation film of miche Ocelot
Dilili in Paris: a guided tour for children

The private tour "In the footsteps of Dilili in Paris

  • The theme of this guided tour : follow the little Dilili in the streets of Paris and discover the Paris of the Belle Epoque !
  • The guide will show you the highlights of the film and will discover the children Paris in the 19th century, of the'Art Nouveau and Universal Exhibitions.
  • The Pitch of Michel Ocelot's film: Dilili is a Kanake girl, who is investigating the mysterious kidnapping of girls in Paris. In her Parisian journey, she is accompanied by a young delivery man in scooter and will make unexpected and extraordinary encounters
  • This walk is animated by a professional guide accustomed to young audiences
  • It is aimed at all and especially at the young public as well as at all the fans (like us) of Michel Ocelot's films
  • Age : from 4-6 years old
  • The area visited : the Paris of the Belle ÉpoqueThe 9th arrondissement (Place de la Concorde, the Paris Opera, the Grands Boulevards...)
  • Place of departure In front of 29 bd Haussmann, Chaussée d'Antin Lafayette metro station (line 7 and 9)
  • Place of arrival : the Tuileries Garden
  • duration 1h30 (about 2km)
  • Visit provided by professional guide-lecturers (in French or English)
  • Mandatory presence of at least one adult during the visit if it has been booked for a group of young people

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