Family Jazz time for a snack in a real jazz club
Children's concerts for 2 - 6 years old
Sundays at 11 a.m., 3 p.m. and 5 p.m. and Easter Monday
Jazz and Gouter at Sunset

Information and prices

  • Rate 15€ per seat (adult and child) for the concert - Optional snack: 5€
  • All participants (parents and children) must have a ticket.
  • duration : 50mn
  • When Easter Sunday and Monday
  • schedule at 11 a.m., 3 p.m. and 5 p.m.
  • The hall is not accessible to people with reduced mobility.
  • Tickets are neither exchangeable nor refundable. However, we will accept a postponement 72 hours before the performance.

Sunset Sunside concerts Season 2024

  • March 31, 2024 : Jazz & Goûter celebrates The Beatles 🥁 : 11am / 3pm / 5pm
  • April 1, 2024 : Jazz & Goûter celebrates Les Comptines 🥁 : 11am / 3pm / 5pm
  • April 7, 2024 Jazz & Goûter celebrates Duke Ellington: 3 pm / 5 pm
  • April 14, 2024 Jazz & Goûter celebrates Broadway comedies: 3 pm / 5 pm
  • April 21, 2024 : Jazz & Goûter celebrates Elvis Presley 🎸: 15h / 17h
  • April 28, 2024 Jazz & Goûter celebrates Madona: 11am / 3pm / 5pm

The Jazz formula + Taste of the Sunset Sunside

  • Jazz concerts for children from 2 to 6 years old
  • The Jazz & Goûter concerts take place at the Sunset Sunside, a real old-fashioned club.
  • Every Sunday, a concert for children with a different theme. All styles are covered (see program above).
  • The programming is child-friendly, even toddlers (from 2/3 years old).
  • The room is very small (about 100 places) an advantage and a disadvantage. The children are really close to the artists, but they can't move around during the concert.
  • We listenwe are educatedwe share. Jazz, what!
  • With the concert, afternoon tea cake, candy, drink. This is an optional package. 5€ to be paid on site if you wish
  • Every Sunday, 2 or 3 sessions of around 50 minutes each. Some Sundays at 11 a.m. and every Sunday at 3 and 5 p.m, from October to the end of April.
  • The price for concerts is 13€. Snack: 5€
  • Tickets can only be purchased online, online
Jazz concert for children

Themes of the "Jazz and Snack" concerts

  • Jazz & Snack party Duke Elligton
  • Jazz & Snack party the Snow Queen
  • Jazz & Snack party Walt Disney
  • Jazz & Snack party Claude Nougaro
  • Jazz & Snack party Mardi Gras "New Orleans
  • Jazz & Snack party Miles Davis
  • Jazz & Snack party Carnival and Bossa Nova with Manu Le Prince (come dressed up !)
  • Jazz & Snack party Ella Fitzgerald
  • Jazz & Snack party Henri Salvador
  • Jazz & Snack party Duke Elligton
  • Jazz & Snack party Michael Jackson
  • Jazz & Snack party Elvis PRESLEY 
  • Jazz & Taste celebrates the classical and jazz piano
  • Jazz & Snack party Mardi Gras
  • Jazz & Snack party Charlie Parker
  • Jazz & snack party Frank Sinatra & Nat King Cole
Jazz concerts and Gouter in Paris with young children
Find the list of our reviews
Star Star Star Star Star - Good music but no snack
Written by Ann jose Arlot, 10-04-2024

We paid 15 euros x3 and were asked to pay an extra 5 euros for a snack !!!!

Reply from FamilinParis
Written by the Familin'Paris team

Hello, Yes, the snack is not included in the ticket price. On the other hand, snacks are not compulsory. It's an option to take or not.

Star Star Star Star Star - A great time spent with the family
Written by Catherine Pinzuti, 10-04-2024

I highly recommend attending these musical tea parties!!!! For young and old alike

Star Star Star Star Star - Wonderful!
Written by Agnes Deshormes, 09-04-2024

I liked everything about it! The music of course, and the availability of the musicians, Leila's joviality, the clarity of her explanations and the way she got the children involved. We came with my little nephew, aged 2 and a half, who was captivated and charmed. See you soon!

Star Star Star Star Star - Great!
Written by Estelle D., on 03-04-2024

This is our 3rd jazz goûter and it's always a pleasure for both parents and our little girl! I recommend this activity

Star Star Star Star Star - Not bad
Written by Fanny Abatuci, 02-04-2024

The Beatles" theme My children, aged 15 months and 2 and a half, rather liked it, but you had to arrive at least 30 minutes beforehand to avoid being at the very back, otherwise you wouldn't see anything. The concert was not at all fun or suitable for children. No explanation of the instruments, no interaction with the audience. Show runs a bit long. I'd probably do it again, but with an appropriate theme like nursery rhymes or Walt Disney.

Star Star Star Star Star - Great but a little too expensive
Written by Julia Nataf , 02-04-2024

It's horribly hot (we'll never come in summer!) and the price is still very high for a family of 4 children, 60 euros for 50 minutes is not very affordable, or at least not as regularly as we'd like! Everything else is wonderful! We've been here twice and had a great time!

Star Star Star Star Star - A great experience!
Written by Celine Tisserand, 02-04-2024

My 3-year-old son loved it and so did my 11-month-old daughter. I preferred to bring the noise-cancelling headphones for safety.

Star Star Star Star Star - Nice experience
Written by Lise Marie, 20-03-2024

A moment of discovery with our 2-year-old baby. It was magical for him and a very pleasant moment for us. To do Just one question: why are the tickets listed at 12€ and we pay 15€?

Star Star Star Star Star - A very pleasant moment of musical awakening
Written by Marguerie , on 19-03-2024

A very pleasant experience, up close and personal with the musicians, allowing children to discover the instruments while taking part in the show. Great initiative! We'll be back for the 6/11 shows.

Star Star Star Star Star - Very pleasant
Written by Adrienne MVENGUE, 19-03-2024

Of course, we'd be delighted to

Star Star Star Star Star - We were taken on a tour of the program
Written by Jean Dupont, 13-03-2024

The publicity for the children's show we'd chosen featured Ella Fitzgerald. We only got 2 songs by her and a lot of not really accessible creations for the rest. Not very suitable for the very young.

Star Star Star Star Star - An excellent family moment, to be repeated as soon as possible 🙂
Written by BJOLY, 12-03-2024

It's great to be able to organize concerts adapted to young children to introduce them to music, with real instruments and real live musicians and singers, and to share this with the whole family. Online booking is very easy. The welcome on site is very friendly. Everything is done to make sure you have a good time in a pleasant setting. To be repeated regularly

Star Star Star Star Star - Ali Express evening
Written by N M, 12-03-2024

Would not recommend. Small room, several parents. No cultural interest for children.

Star Star Star Star Star - Fine, but...
Written by Laëtitia, 08-03-2024

The musicians were great, but the auditorium is very small and even if you've reserved your tickets you can find yourself standing in the back! For little ones, it's complicated to follow a show when they can't see anything... like all the parents, we had to go back and forth a lot to get as close as possible to the stage and let the magic happen... the idea is really great, but the organization needs to be reviewed so that the show is really adapted to children.

Star Star Star Star Star - Thanks for a great afternoon!
Written by Isha, 07-03-2024

We had a blast, from my 90-year-old mother to my 3-year-old granddaughter! The jazz band was great. We just felt that the snack could have been included in the ticket price. Thanks for a great afternoon!

Star Star Star Star Star - Pleasant moment, children aged 2 and 5 had fun
Written by Patricka GAUTHRON, on 27-02-2024

Yes, highly recommendable, although the jazz for nursery rhymes is a bit demanding for toddlers. Only downside: complicated seating, couldn't enjoy the show near my grandchildren!

Star Star Star Star Star - Nice experience
Written by Valérie Chazeau, 21-02-2024

We had a great time, and our little ones were delighted. A song or two in the children's repertoire might have been nice to get them more involved. Otherwise a great experience to see the instruments in action.

Star Star Star Star Star - Very good
Written by monique marin, 21-02-2024

Yes, it was great, the proximity of the musicians made it easy for the children to get to grips with the music, and they were delighted. A little expensive, the snack could be included in the ticket! I'll be back with them with pleasure

Star Star Star Star Star - Arrive early
Written by Fanny ATTIAS, 20-02-2024

On the whole, it was great fun, but you have to get there early as it's free seating. And in our case, we had some seats where we couldn't see a thing, so 15€ is a lot to pay for this type of seat.

Star Star Star Star Star - To be recommended
Written by Fabienne Pommier , 20-02-2024

My grandson and I enjoyed the show, just a little too long for a 2? year old.

Star Star Star Star Star - Excellent
Written by Charlotte Ruiz de Leon , 02-15-2024

Yes I recommend it

Star Star Star Star Star - A pleasant and professional musical awakening for children
Written by Jean RAME, 14-02-2024

The format is very good: 1 hour dedicated to children accompanied by their parents to listen to perfectly interpreted jazz.

Star Star Star Star Star - To be repeated with my 2-year-old!
Written by Marine Tatot, on 13-02-2024

The welcome is perfect and my son loved it! 50 min is perfect with toddlers who have trouble concentrating for long periods. Only negative point: it's very hot in the room.

Star Star Star Star Star - Perfect!
Written by Io, on 13-02-2024

Everything went well, the kids loved it and the artists were top notch. Congratulations!

Star Star Star Star Star - Not suitable for children aged 2 to 6
Written by Mariam Saad, on 13-02-2024

For the Mardi Gras theme, a group of 4 musicians sang songs in English. Good atmosphere for us parents, our 2 and 3 year olds were bored.

Star Star Star Star Star - Fun...
Written by Christine KARABOWICZ, 13-02-2024

Very happy family atmosphere. Perfect timing. The musicians were top-notch and great with the little ones. The club just wasn't too sure about the number of snacks. It was impossible to buy any, but we had supplies in our backpacks, so no big deal.

Star Star Star Star Star - Great
Written by Anais Boissiere, on 13-02-2024

Great concert, great atmosphere! The kids, aged 3 and a half, loved it! It was so festive and cheerful! Get there early to be well placed!

Star Star Star Star Star - Good performance but...
Written by Chantal LE FUR BOULARD, 07-02-2024

Good performance but few requests from the children to participate. At the end of the show, no one had figured out if it was over or an intermission, so the kids were a little disappointed because there was no goodbye... .

Star Star Star Star Star - Enjoy your family outing!
Written by OUMOU , 06-02-2024

I recommend it!

Star Star Star Star Star - Very pleasant moment
Written by Cerise charlet, 01-02-2024

Great family time, perfect show for the kids, with very pleasant and talented musicians. The kids loved it, and so did the parents.

Star Star Star Star Star - Super Sunday with music
Written by Sebi Shu, on 23-01-2024

Great for introducing kids to jazz, and for adults to enjoy it too!

Star Star Star Star Star - A great introduction to jazz for your little one!
Written by Julia Cavalieri, on 17-01-2024

This is a great device for little ones, and the musicians transmit a lot. I'll be back for sure :), thank you for offering such activities! The only downside: smokers on the covered terrace in winter.

Star Star Star Star Star - but why didn't I hear about it before!
Written by Bruno Cohen, 09-01-2024

great afternoon with the little ones, very interested in the music, the presence of the other children, the nice little snack, the atmosphere! to be done again very soon! I highly recommend

Star Star Star Star Star - Great musicians
Written by Come CHARRON , 09-01-2024

I loved the choice of songs and the musicians. A great time. Could be improved: create an area for children right in front of the stage so they can see the musicians.

Star Star Star Star Star - Great activity even with young children
Written by Caroline Deleplanque, 03-01-2024

My 2-year-old daughter really enjoyed the concert. I would definitely go again. The snack seemed of little interest to me.

Star Star Star Star Star - A great introduction to jazz for kids!
Written by Elodie Youssef, on 27-12-2023

Parents and children enjoy the show together!

Star Star Star Star Star - Impossible
Written by Claire Gancel-Leray , 12-12-2023

We were unable to attend the event and, having given notice, were not offered a refund, credit note or discount on a future performance.

Reply from FamilinParis
Written by the Familin'Paris team

Hello, We hear your frustration, but you have to understand that Sunset Sunside is a very small jazz club and can't financially afford to refund or reschedule tickets when people don't show up. This is also the policy of most venues.

Star Star Star Star Star - Bof
Written by Gaëlle Renac, 06-12-2023

Cold, unsympathetic welcome / cramped, overcrowded auditorium, unsuitable for children under 5 / 5€ to be added to the basic price for a very simple snack (a slice of cake, three sweets, an orange juice / music group ignorant of their audience (e.g. "you all know The Lion King, don't you?" ....Ben no, they're three years old... /). = an outing that can make sense with older children, aged 5 and over.

Reply from FamilinParis
Written by the Familin'Paris team

Hello, We're really sorry you didn't enjoy the outing. Feedback from participants is generally excellent. In general, the orchestra takes great care to involve the children as much as possible. We will pass on your comments.

Star Star Star Star Star - GENIAL!
Written by Kelly Dura, 05-12-2023

Super experience it's great

Star Star Star Star Star - Disappointed
Written by Kevin Garcia, on 29-11-2023

The principle of jazz sessions and snacks is a very good initiative. The pianist and singer are very good and funny. However, the auditorium is not at all suitable for toddlers: too small and cramped, long and very narrow, children can't see much beyond the front rows, no booster seat offered. The online booking system was a big failure: more tickets were sold than were available. The Familin'Paris team insisted on our postponing our session, without any compensation. Last but not least, the pseudo snack was extra: a small slice of cake and 3 sweets here and there for the modest sum of 5€ (drinks not included). In short, disappointing value for money. We won't be going back.

Star Star Star Star Star - Very nice snack, but the children should be able to see better.
Written by Marie Devaud , 11-28-2023

Nice experience except that the children sit on the same chairs as the adults, so with an adult in front of them it's impossible to see.

Star Star Star Star Star - A good time shared with the little ones
Written by Marianne Cailliez , 28-11-2023

I recommend for ages 3 and up

Star Star Star Star Star - Top!
Written by Gwladys Sy , 28-11-2023

What we liked: the live concert and the quality of the music. What we didn't like: a concert advertised with a snack that ended up costing 5 euros ...

Star Star Star Star Star - Good experience for children
Written by Dap Varainne, 21-11-2023

The pianist was great with the kids, but it was very hot and the parents weren't disciplined. That said, my 3-year-old son really enjoyed it. I approve. Thank you

Star Star Star Star Star - Concert bien average price
Written by Sophie, 21-11-2023

Nice jazz concert, but no snack included. A bit of a shame for an activity called gouter Jazz. A bit pricey as a result

Star Star Star Star Star - Great!
Written by Ambre Lecomte, 21-11-2023

Small room but incredible moment with a musician who loves children and sharing his talent and passion! We'll be back!

Star Star Star Star Star - Perfect activity
Written by Marine, 21-11-2023

The atmosphere was really great for both children and parents). The pianist really adapts to the age of the children and uses humor that is also suitable for parents. Children of all ages can participate! A really great time, I'll be back with great pleasure!

Star Star Star Star Star - Very nice!
Written by Sylvie Bonis, on 20-11-2023

Warm atmosphere, small room and layout. A good discovery of jazz for the little ones.

Star Star Star Star Star - .
Written by Melanie Bertiaux, 14-11-2023


Star Star Star Star Star - The snack in snack
Written by Eddy, 14-11-2023

The concert was great! The bartender was adorable!

Star Star Star Star Star - A little disappointed
Written by Alicia Coste, 07-11-2023

Quite disappointing because we couldn't see anything. There's no space in front for the kids and if you're at the back the kids can't see anything, even on your lap (there are seats far away and poles in the room and adults in front). We couldn't see a thing. It's a shame, because the show is great for kids (Disney jazz).

Star Star Star Star Star - Well-adapted, quality show
Written by Nathalie SCHMITT, 31-10-2023

Great experience with the children, good quality singing and music, a good introduction. The only downside was that the announced snack had to be paid for in addition to the ticket, and this should be made clearer before the show.

Star Star Star Star Star - Very nice! My daughter loves it.
Written by Juliette , le 19-10-2023


Star Star Star Star Star - Taste?
Written by Mari Muroi Lane, on 17-10-2023

I thought the snack was included in the price.

Star Star Star Star Star - Canon
Written by Ombeline, 12-10-2023

The only downside is that there are too many Disney movies from the 80s and 90s (which make parents happy), but some children don't "participate". Great welcome otherwise!

Star Star Star Star Star - Great activity with the kids
Written by DIANA B, 11-10-2023

A family experience to discover jazz in the perfect atmosphere. We love everything, and children can express themselves freely from an early age. The artists have a lot of patience and understanding for the little noises babies make!

Star Star Star Star Star - Mark Crystal
Written by Mark-Anthony Crystal, 10-10-2023

Hello, Unfortunately my little girl got sick and we couldn't do the activity. I don't suppose it will be possible to take part in the next session? Best regards. Mark Crystal

Star Star Star Star Star - Quality service but placements to be improved
Written by Lys Red, 03-10-2023

What I liked : - top-quality artists - level and duration of performance well suited to young audiences, with smiles, kindness, talent and explanations of instruments at the end to raise children's awareness - easy to book and a warm welcome Areas for improvement : - placement: behind adults, a child can't see. So my child didn't have an immersive experience and was having fun jumping on the seats at the end, for lack of being able to see the stage. Think of putting all the children in front like in a puppet show, it works very well. - The snack is ultra-sweet, which doesn't make it easy for the children to concentrate and feel good: candy + cake + juice => why not replace it with fruit, a madeleine and flavored water and possibly 1 candy if you really can't do otherwise. Thank you!

Star Star Star Star Star –  
Written by Nicolas, 07-06-2023

Great time with the kids

Star Star Star Star Star - Very unsuitable location
Written by Frédéric, on 02-05-2023

Cramped and unventilated room, suffocating heat, difficulty to circulate knowing that there are children. The price is really excessive.

Star Star Star Star Star - Disappointed
Written by audrey PELISSERO, on 26-04-2023

I was disappointed with this activity. The room is very deep so I advise you to arrive early otherwise your children will not see anything, when it would be so easy to leave a space in front of the stage for all the children to sit on the floor. Then the programming was inadequate...50's music with a lot of slang. Very good musicians but not at all animators, they don't make the children go away and after 15 minutes the children are bored or fall asleep. Not much is missing to make it fun but I don't recommend it as it is.

Star Star Star Star Star - very nice!
Written by SOFIA POMARES, on 25-04-2023

very nice!

Star Star Star Star Star - Good pianist and good momeny
Written by Clara Sinai, 18-04-2023

There should be a checkroom for large bags and suitcases Glass glasses should be avoided. Too small and dangerous for the children who move between the seats Otherwise excellent moment

Star Star Star Star Star - Great moment
Written by Pauline, 16-04-2023

Very nice outing to do with children from 3 years old who will be interested and attentive to music and instruments. Complete snack for 5€. We spend a very good moment there, it is as going to see a concert of music of jazz but in a theme adapted to the children.

Star Star Star Star Star - It was perfect
Written by sophie Dede, on 12-04-2023

Everything was perfect, and I will gladly return.

Star Star Star Star Star - Magic moment with a 4 year old child. Eyes full of stars watching the musicians and the singer. Joyful and catchy songs
Written by Anne Marie , 07-04-2023

We were the first to arrive and had a choice of seats. First jazz concert for our little son who was absorbed by the music throughout the concert.

Star Star Star Star Star - Not up to our expectations...
Written by Julien Bourgoin, on 29-03-2023

Too many worlds for uncomfortable and tight seats, where the first to arrive are the only ones well off. A very disappointing value for money not for the music but for the experience. The snack is a real disappointment, and the children are not in the best position to enjoy the music. I don't recommend with this current format, maybe considering putting all the kids in front and the adults in back would be a good start.

Star Star Star Star Star - Top
Written by Véronique Azoulay , 21-03-2023

Yes I recommend a great time with the kids Too bad there is not enough room to dance

Star Star Star Star Star - A great time!
Written by Hélène guillaume, on 01-03-2023

A great time with family and friends. We came with our 3 year old daughter and her 2 year old nanny friend and her daddy and we all had a great time. The girls danced, sang and didn't bother anyone. A very good way to open our little ones to music.

Star Star Star Star Star - nice moment!
Written by Aurore P, on 15-02-2023

Very welcoming team, very nice group, We were just a bit tight 🙂

Star Star Star Star Star - Good concept, but not the right place.
Written by Johanna PIERRE, on 10-02-2023

Overcrowded, room not adapted for the visibility of the small ones. Nice concept on paper but unfortunately disappointing in reality. It's expensive (children pay as much as adults) to be crammed for an hour in a basement with most of the children (and parents) who can't see what's happening on stage. Otherwise great music and cheerful hostess. Maybe rethink without the benches?

Star Star Star Star Star - Not really made for children
Written by Maud , on 10-02-2023

The concert nice but not kid friendly, not too much interaction with the kids.

Star Star Star Star Star - Disappointed.
Written by Elsa Dilmi, on 08-02-2023

Unfortunately my son got sick the day before the concert. I sent an email the day before to ask if it was possible to postpone our visit, but I was told that it was too complicated for the organizers to manage. I would have appreciated if they had offered me an alternative solution, because we did not choose the situation.

Star Star Star Star Star - Nice and child-friendly concert
Written by Emilie HALLARD, on 05-02-2023

We were too crowded in the room! The storage of the strollers in the upper room was poorly organized. The snack for what it was seemed to me a little expensive for 5 euros. Otherwise the concert was nice and well adapted to children (duration, speech...).

Star Star Star Star Star - Good family time
Written by Marylène GAiGNET, on 01-02-2023

Very nice. I recommend

Star Star Star Star Star - Very nice family activity
Written by CP, on 27-01-2023

A beautiful hour of music. Nice place for a musical afternoon with your child. My 3 year old son loved the rhythm and so did we.

Star Star Star Star Star - Show well adapted for children with a talented pianist!
Written by Veronique THIRARD, on 11-01-2023

It is unfortunate that the front rows are not reserved for children. We were several adults with children who couldn't see much because of two good sized couples blocking the view... Our little girl had to sit on the floor in the aisle and still...No intervention from the staff to organize the seating...Too bad because the pianist was excellent!

Star Star Star Star Star - A good time!
Written by Stéphanie , on 04-01-2023

A good time together. My daughter and her friends (5 years old) were amazed, it played well, a lot of talent and the singer accepted some pictures at the end. We appreciate the different themes proposed. A nice souvenir, I recommend.

Star Star Star Star Star - Very good
Written by ÉLIE, on 23-12-2022

Very good moment spent in family. The musician is great and animates his songs, which he reinterprets very... playfully. Perfect to make discover music to the youngest.

Star Star Star Star Star - Very nice am
Written by Francoise Bensignor, on 21-12-2022

Everything was perfect! Maybe we should let the kids sit in the front and the parents in the back .....

Star Star Star Star Star - Family outing
Written by Francoise Bensignor, on 02-12-2022

Very pleasant afternoon with small children of 3,4, 6 years old who appreciated a lot orchestra and songs

Star Star Star Star Star - Too good!!!!!
Written by benjamin fanni, on 25-11-2022

My child napped for 40 minutes of the show. But otherwise I thought it was great. We'll be back! And congratulations again to the pianist with the red shoes! His performance was incredible!!!!!!

Star Star Star Star Star - Fun but expensive
Written by Laetitia , on 13-11-2022

12 € the entrance for a child + 5€ for a piece of cake, 3 candies and a glass of juice. It's overpriced. That said, you'll have a great time reviewing Disney classics with a fabulous team

Star Star Star Star Star - Reservation problem
Written by Christine Seux, 10-11-2022

I booked 3 seats and paid via famili in and my resa had not been registered. Fortunately I came before and we were able to get in. The show was perfect, nothing to say except the concern of the room and its evacuation in case of problem.

Reply from FamilinParis
Written by the Familin'Paris team

Good morning, Madam, We are surprised by the problem of recording your reservation. It is an automatic sending to the theater. Fortunately, you were able to attend the performance and we are happy that you enjoyed the show.

Star Star Star Star Star - very nice activity
Written by Fanny Roca, on 10-11-2022

Very suitable for young people Warm welcome we recommend it!

Star Star Star Star Star - Very good moment
Written by Raphaël, on 08-11-2022

We had a great time with my wife and 4-year-old son. The musicians are very good, the room is comfortable It's a little hot, but that's part of the atmosphere 🙂 Be sure to arrive 15 minutes early to get good seats

Star Star Star Star Star - Great experience, the kids were thrilled!
Written by Maud Cariddi, on 08-11-2022

I've already recommended it to a lot of friends, it was really great and also for the parents!

Star Star Star Star Star - Top
Written by Astrid Mathieu, 08-11-2022

Really a great time with my 2 year old son who is literally a music fan.

Star Star Star Star Star - Great!
Written by Celia, on 08-11-2022


Star Star Star Star Star - To do and to do again
Written by Olivia Levi Menu, 02-11-2022

An ideal activity to share with young and old. Our 3 and 6 year old daughters were mesmerized. We (parents and grandparents) loved the stage and lighting effects, Morgane's beautiful voice, not to mention the great quality of the band. A show full of humor that makes you smile. Thank you for this beautiful show ???? jazz and snack is every Sunday

Star Star Star Star Star - A great time with little ones!
Written by B.FAYE ORY, on 02-11-2022

I recommend it. It lasts 1 hour and my two year old daughter didn't see the time pass

Star Star Star Star Star - Excellent moment
Written by Marie-Anne LAURENS, on 02-11-2022

Session very adapted to the children even the smallest. I highly recommend this activity.

Star Star Star Star Star - Leading to
Written by Leonie Frassetto, on 01-11-2022

Apart from the lack of explanation on what will happen and on the snack 5€/pers it is a nice performance. Our children enjoyed it. Polite staff. For info the network does not work!

Star Star Star Star Star - Too short
Written by Léa , on 12-10-2022

It was a lot of fun but too short or too expensive

Star Star Star Star Star - They sell too many tickets for the available seats
Written by tania orell, on 04-10-2022

The musicians were top notch. However, there were people at the beginning and we were sitting way back with zero visibility. They clearly sell way too many seats for the number of seats. Really a shame. I would have liked to enjoy the show next to my son, luckily for him he was able to sit next to the scenario on the floor, but I couldn't enjoy it with him (I didn't even see him the whole show).

Star Star Star Star Star - Great experience to discover music with children
Written by Karine Salviac Mazure, on 29-04-2022

The children are near the stage, nice musicians, small room in the basement so good sound. The snack is not interesting, a little expensive.

Star Star Star Star Star - Not suitable for toddlers as proposed
Written by Martin, on 28-04-2022

It's a good concept but not adapted to the little one! From 1,5 years to 5-6 years we can't make them sing for 10 minutes and hope that they don't move! And even less to make them sing subtractions! The people have the wrong audience! Too bad for us!

Star Star Star Star Star - Great family time
Written by Charlotte Céron reby, on 20-04-2022

Whether it was the event or the responsiveness of familinparis, this was a very successful experience. There is a free cake and candy snack at the bar for 5€ per child. It's very convenient if you don't have anything planned. The musicians are great. Arriving early for better seats would be a plus but if not possible, it's not a big deal, the kids are allowed to sit in front of the musicians. It's just that as parents we are not with them.

Star Star Star Star Star - good!
Written by Catherine ZBINDEN, 15-04-2022

very nice show and well sung ... my little girl of 5 years old liked it ... even if probably still a little young to fully appreciate

Star Star Star Star Star - Bof
Written by Pascal JANSSEN, on 15-04-2022

I wouldn't recommend it too highly! Acceptable show for adults but not for children. As for the concept, we expect the snack to be included in the price given the title Jazz and Snack! So, we won't be back any time soon!

Star Star Star Star Star - Not suitable for children
Written by Ludivine , on 10-04-2022

Unfortunately the speakers spoke too much which was very complicated to manage for a 2 year old! We had to leave after 20 minutes! While my son loves music and instruments!

Star Star Star Star Star - Nice
Written by Angie Gillet, 01-04-2022

Easy and quick booking! Nice activity to do with the family. But the snack is not really worth the 5€, especially since you can also bring your own snack. Would love to do it again.

Star Star Star Star Star - It was fun, the kids enjoyed it. A little more space for the kids to dance would be better.
Written by Victoria, on 25-03-2022

It was fun, the kids enjoyed it. A little more space for the kids to dance would be better.

Star Star Star Star Star - A great place to introduce kids to the world!
Written by SOPHIE ROYERE, on 23-03-2022

What a pleasure to be in a jazz club in the middle of the afternoon, introducing children to the music and atmosphere of a jazzy cellar! The concert isn't "especially" for kids, and that's what's so great about it: you're up close and personal with the band, so you can catch all their energy and passion, and let yourself be carried away. It's a pity that the snack is not included in the price 🙂 (which was the concept, wasn't it?) But we've got to keep the artists and venues going after these difficult times, so we're being lenient 🙂

Star Star Star Star Star - It was amazing! My niece loved it ????
Written by Aïcha Dhifallah , 20-03-2022

The reservation was a breeze. On our arrival we were very well received. I recommend 100% for this concert which was appreciated by children and adults alike. I also really appreciated the time that the singer gave to the children for the photo break. Thanks again for this pleasant moment and bravo ???????? ☺️

Star Star Star Star Star - Perfect
Written by Lucie FROMAGET, on 05-03-2022

Yes I recommend +++. a good idea for an outing to help children discover musical instruments

Star Star Star Star Star - Dear
Written by LM, 05-03-2022

Nice concert, "jazz-snack" is confusing, at the price of the place I thought that a snack was included absolutely not it is only the small concert everything is paid afterwards. Expensive I think for the service.

Star Star Star Star Star - Overbooked & Disappointing
Written by Stelios, on 02-03-2022

The place was overbooked ... nowhere to sit despite our reservation. The kids couldn't see the stage. It was disappointing.

Star Star Star Star Star - Great!!!
Written by Carolina Cap, 18-02-2022

Excellent show, the musicians manage to involve children and parents 🙂 We'll definitely be going back!

Star Star Star Star Star - Excellent moment in music
Written by Camille, on 12-02-2022

Very good experience that allows you to spend a convivial moment with your children and to make them discover music. Easy to book online. I recommend it!

Star Star Star Star Star - Good experience
Written by Annie Moudze, on 12-02-2022

My daughter loved it. You have to arrive very early to be in front of the show, otherwise you can't follow it. It's called jazz snack but you have to pay for the snack. 5€ for a juice and a slice of cake. You can't go overboard. Fortunately we brought our snack.

Star Star Star Star Star - Jazz concert
Written by Yasmina , on 05-02-2022

Snack not included Count 5 euros for cake + juice + candy Nice experience but a bit long for little ones and not very interactive, it's a pity !

Star Star Star Star Star - Concert very good but taste 5€ not good
Written by Carine Taffet, on 04-02-2022

Yes without the taste

Star Star Star Star Star - Excellent hat down artists
Written by jean-luc CRONEL, on 01-02-2022

We will return the children 6 and 4 years old loved

Star Star Star Star Star - Very good initiative that appeals to children and adults alike
Written by frida hartl , 31-01-2022

- Plu : the group, the atmosphere - Disliked: snack price > 5€ very expensive for a small piece of cake, 2 candies and 1 glass of juice + club price for the water bottle while the entrance price was already 12 X 2 minimum. - leave more space for the children in front of the stage because not very visible for the small ones from the middle of the room.

Star Star Star Star Star - Very nice concert !
Written by CHRISTOPHE BADUEL, 21-01-2022

I recommend

Star Star Star Star Star - Nice experience
Written by Katia, on 12-01-2022

The initiative is really great, thank you very much for proposing this. The interaction between the jazzman and the children was good. Just a remark: to think to be able to place the children separately and the parents separately is an idea which inevitably leads to failure, the children are still too small... so, think about the more adapted placement.

Star Star Star Star Star - Little communication with children
Written by Sophie , on 07-01-2022

Program intended for a child audience, but the musicians communicate very little with them. They have created a little scenario with Olaf in love with Snow White, but this scene is declaimed with little naturalness and above all, without any interaction with the audience... Moreover, they announce Jazz AND a snack. But in fact the snack is extra (5€ for a slice of 4quart and fruit juice). A detail that is not very serious but that surprises.

Star Star Star Star Star - Great!
Written by Clément Lenoble, on 07-01-2022


Star Star Star Star Star - Excellent family time
Written by Nicolas, on 01-01-2022

We all loved it with our 2 children, 3 and 6 years old.

Star Star Star Star Star - An interesting musical outing
Written by laura, on 29-12-2021

The concert is a beautiful musical discovery. Two small drawbacks: one concerning the price of the snack which is very excessive compared to the very low-end performance. The other one is the configuration of the hall which does not allow the parents to appreciate the show next to their children. The parents being invited to take place at the back.

Star Star Star Star Star - Very pleasant moment
Written by Christelle , on 27-12-2021

All very well. Great time. Just one thing: on site the sunset had no record of my reservation. Luckily after showing the tickets and order confirmation we were allowed in.

Star Star Star Star Star - Great
Written by Juliette, on 19-12-2021

Great time even for the little ones!

Star Star Star Star Star - Great family time!
Written by Alexandra Gouzien, on 11-12-2021

Despite the narrowness of the place, we had a great time as a family. Our daughter loved it. Little advice: arrive well in advance for an ideal placement ????

Star Star Star Star Star - Great
Written by Camille Ryah, on 10-12-2021

Everything was super simple. Welcome quick ticket simplicity super magical concert for children . Super

Star Star Star Star Star - Not so good.
Written by Paz Levinson, 03-12-2021

No. It's really a shame about the jazz and snack show. No species, no workshop / initiation Almost no jazz No space for babies to dance Lots of people. Not even a place to sit down I don't believe how you can advertise things like that

Star Star Star Star Star - Nice but lack of proximity of the musicians with the children
Written by Marlène Auvinet, on 25-11-2021

I regretted that there was no presentation of the instruments for the children. A little more than the concert... The snack is not of quality for 5€: a small slice of rather dry cake and 2 candies! The place is nice but the children should be placed in front.

Star Star Star Star Star - Great moment
Written by virginie Hubert, on 13-11-2021

Plu : the music and the animation, the pianist, the public Disliked: the long configuration of the room which prevents from seeing the stage closely

Star Star Star Star Star - Super nice
Written by sylvie piard, on 05-11-2021

Everything was perfect Would recommend No difficulties to order

Star Star Star Star Star - Great
Written by Laura Fitoussi, on 29-10-2021

Very good time for children and parents

Star Star Star Star Star - Very nice experience!
Written by Roula Asmar, on 20-10-2021

It's really a great introduction to jazz and instruments. My son loved it.

Star Star Star Star Star - Interesting but the space is too small.
Written by serge tcheguem tango, on 10-10-2021

We liked the performance of the artists, but the space was too small and it was impossible for the children sitting in the back to see the artists perform.

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