A comedy by Georges Feydeau
It is very funny
  • WE LOVE Feydeau as we like it, funny and grating for this new creation
  • AGE : from 12 years old
  • DATE : until June 18, 2023
  • DURATION: 1h10
  • RATE : promos, especially during the week
  • LOCATION: at the Lucernaire theater (Paris 6e)

"On va faire la cocotte" : a funny and impertinent play

All the comic mechanisms of Feydeau's famous plays are found in this delightful comedy which, without being really feminist, defends the beginning of equality between men and women.

  • Émilienne, the young wife of Trévelin discovers that her husband is cheating on her. She then decides to take her revenge and to become for one evening " a cocotte "...
  • The scheme of the play is classic with its quiproquos and its twists: the husband cheats on his wife, the phone rings, the mistress arrives, the doors slam...
  • And this joyful comedy gets out of hand and becomes feminist. We witness the awareness of a woman who dreams of becoming the equal of man
  • An interesting reflection on the evolution of sexuality and the quest for equality between the sexes
  • A show with unbridled comedy and always very current accents.

The press speaks about it...

FOUD'ART - It is delicious, lively and very funny.
TELERAMA - Thanks to the accuracy of the actors and actresses, [this play] stands out as a proto-feminist work, with boldness."
THE NEW OBSERVER - Vaudeville with all the good humor required. We have a lot of fun 
SPECTATIVE - A very good surprise of the season. A bubbling and very funny Feydeau, with the frenzied rhythm of a clever direction, with the delights full of surprises of an excellent interpretation. Memorable.

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