• WE LOVE : of the very big show, we're in for a real treat.
  • AGE : for all, from 6 years old
  • DATE: Tempered
Poster of the last Cirque du Soleil show in Paris

The Cirque du Soleil presents its last show: TORUK

  • After the success of TOTEM presented in Paris during Christmas, the Cirque du Soleil returns to Paris with a brand new show: TORUK
  • Toruk - The first flight is a live and immersive multimedia show who transposes on stage the breathtaking world from James Cameron's movie AVATAR
  • Multimedia projections, puppets, ingenious scenic techniques, breathtaking artists ... We're full of sight!
  • TORUK- The first flight is a mythical tale unfolding thousands of years before the plot of the film AVATAR, so before humans set foot on Pandora for the first time.

Cirque du Soleil, one of the world's most famous circuses

  • created by Guy Laliberté in 1984, Cirque du Soleil is now famous all over the world.
  • This Circus owes its name to the sun which, according to its founder, represents energy and youth.
  • These are currently more than 20 Cirque du Soleil troupes performing around the world, representing 1,300 artists from over 50 countries.
  • Originally, this Quebec circus was born from the performances of a street theater troupe. Their artists were noticed for their impressive shows mixing stilts, dance, juggling and fire-eating.
  • Today, Cirque du Soleil is distinguished mainly by its spectacular artistic performances and its grandiose scenography that plunges the audience into imaginary and magical worlds.

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