New circus
RESUMED from October 18 to November 5, 2022
Circus machine for the All Saints' vacation

Circus machine

  • WE LOVE : amazing numbers, a frenzied rhythm, and a touch of humor
  • AGE : all public
  • DATES October 18 to November 5, 2022 (including November 1)
  • HOURS Tuesday to Saturday at 7pm, Sunday at 3pm
  • PRICES from 33? to 48?
  • DURATION : 1h30
  • PLACELa Scala (Paris 10e)
Circus machine at La Scala

Circus machine: it's simple, we love it

  • This show that we love is back for 15 exceptional dates!
  • 5 amazing artists on stage who know how to do everything and are not afraid of anything!
  • "Circus machine" because on stage the artists evolve in an amazing machine, assembly of cables, posts, bicycle wheels and other unusual objects
  • The artists are incredible, Chinese mast, juggling, unicycle... numbers follow each other at a frantic pace with a staggering virtuosity
  • "Machine de cirque" is one of the Quebec circuses that have achieved worldwide success as thehe Cirque du Soleil or the Eloize company or "the 7 fingers of the hand
  • It is a simply amazing show!

Machine de Cirque, the bluffing show
Credit: William Theberge
Find the list of our reviews
Star Star Star Star Star - Not to be missed
Written by HUGUES LE PIOUFF, on 23-01-2022

Spectacular, poetic and funny. All the ingredients for a very nice family moment.

Star Star Star Star Star - Superb show
Written by Valérie Barral, on 14-01-2022

A very good performance! Bravo

Star Star Star Star Star - Poetry, laughter and brio
Written by Céline Gaucher-Héraclès, on 04-01-2022

A show full of tenderness and poetry integrating the great techniques and props of the circus (trapeze, contortionism, juggling, clowning, rings, plank...). We don't want it to stop!

Star Star Star Star Star - intelligent show, burlesque, good technical quality, off the beaten track
Written by colette hebette, on 04-01-2022

everything went well; I would gladly recommend this activity. it's a pity that I knew this show at its last performance

Star Star Star Star Star - Wonderful!
Written by Patrick Labarre, on 01-01-2022

Everything has already been said about this show, but it's all true: impressive, rhythmic, funny... In short, not to be missed under any circumstances!

Star Star Star Star Star - GENIAL
Written by Justine D, on 30-12-2021

Thank you for your recommendation. Amazing refreshing show. My children from 11 to 18 years old were delighted, my husband and I too.

Star Star Star Star Star - Great
Written by florence Romanet, on 28-12-2021

Yes of course great

Star Star Star Star Star - Funny and amazing
Written by olivier Schmid, on 27-12-2021


Star Star Star Star Star - Great
Written by Anne-Lise CHAINTREUIL, on 26-12-2021

A varied, professional and funny show! Bravo, I recommend to 100% whatever the age!

Star Star Star Star Star - Very nice performance. Creative atmosphere. Original music
Written by Jacques Ninet, on 26-12-2021

the second balcony (category 3) is too high for this kind of show

Star Star Star Star Star - 5 stars
Written by Mélissa MOAL, on 14-12-2021

It was great, my 12 year old told me it was amazing !!!!!

Star Star Star Star Star - I highly recommend
Written by caroline SINIGAGLIA, on 09-12-2021

Funny, poetic and technical at the same time

Star Star Star Star Star - Great
Written by Marie Caiveau, 07-12-2021

Great show to see with the family, which was our case .

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