A movie theater thought and designed for children, even toddlers!

WE love : ultra colorful decor, LEGO bricks to play, workshops before and after the session
 Just like at home:   large cushions and meridians to watch the movie comfortably installed
 Practical:   a small snack is offered to children for € 2.50



The Room Mômes

  • It's a colorful and fun movie theater. There are 70 places specially designed for children from 2 to 14 years old (and their parents).
  • In the Children's Room, children can wiggle, lie down, express themselves during the film. The room is for them!
  • The programming is rich and variedevery day, all year round.
  • There's a playful decor with some LEGO brick walls. Children can contribute to the decoration of the room
  • It includes poufs and chaise lounges all colors to lie down, like at home
  • There is LEGO playgrounds. A space is suitable for toddlers with LEGO DUPLO bricks and a climbing slope, which also makes a slide to move around the room before or after the screening (during the film, we don't play!).
  • And of course animations and games are planned before and after the screening of the films.


Salle des gens d'armes, conciergerie


programming and rates

  • The Mômes room is open every daywith sessions for all ages.
  • At the beginning of the day there is sessions for the youngest and in the evening films for teenagers
  • The first dedicated sessions toddler offer films and short animation programs
  • The room is semi-illuminated and the sound level is suitable for young ears
  • For the older children, the Mômes room presents animation feature films, great classics or programs related to the news
  • Tickets are on sale on site, or on the Internet, it's more like a cheap outing : € 5 for children under 14 and 12 € in full price
  • A snack is offered to gourmets at the price of 2.50€: two cookies, a compote and a drink (to be reserved when you take the seats).



Practical information

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