A nice guided tour that speaks to children - From 5/6 years old
the guided tour of Paris in the animated districts
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Guided tours for children
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The guided tour "Paris in cartoons"

For families, with children from 5/6 years old

  • This very amusing visit tackles the theme of cartoons whose history is set in Paris
  • You will discover the places in Paris that inspired cartoons as famous as Ratatouille at Pixar, the Aristocats or the hunchback of Notre-Dame des Studios Disney
  • We will talk about Anastasia, Rémy the cook or Francoeur in A Monster in Paris ...
  • This The walk is led by a lecturer guide used to children
  • It is addressed to all, young audience of course and to adults who have a child's soul
  • Points of interest between the quai de la Tournelle and the Pont-neuf

Tarifs and information

-10% with code FAMILINPROMO

  • Adult rate : 17,10€ instead of 19 €
  • Child rate (-12 years old) : 8,55€ instead of 9,50 €
  • Free for children under 4
  • 20 to 25 participants max. by group

  • duration : 1h30
  • course : About 2km (everything is done on foot)
  • Age : from 6/8 years old
  • Meeting place : in front of the restaurant, la Tour d'Argent, 17 quai de Tournelle (in the 5th district)
  • In French

Birthdays, privatization, EVGJ, EVG, rallies, schools

  • For the birthday of your ado, you can book this guided tour (the presence of an adult is required if it is a group of minors), IT'S HERE
  • For a privatization, EVGF, EVG, Rally, IT'S HERE
  • For schools (primary, secondary, high school), leisure centers, associations, QUOTE REQUEST
Find the list of our reviews
Star Star Star Star Star - Very interesting discovery
Written by Maxime , on 28-11-2023

Lots of anecdotes related to cartoons and about certain Paris buildings, parks etc. I really enjoyed learning and discovering these anecdotes 🙂

Star Star Star Star Star - company pornomedia dynamic america
Written by riadi samir, 09-09-2023

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Star Star Star Star Star - Bande Dessine - Dessin Anime - Movie Anime
Written by RIADI SAMIR, 01-09-2023

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Star Star Star Star Star - Companie Pornomedia Dynamic Américaine
Written by RIADI SAMIR, 30-08-2023

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Star Star Star Star Star - Great
Written by Léane, 30-08-2023

A very good starting point to make children want to visit Paris, I think the guide was great and very understanding. guide was great and very understanding, a great family outing.

Star Star Star Star Star - Nice
Written by Malorie , 23-08-2023

Very fun to do with children, but I'd say from age 9-10. My 10-year-old daughter really enjoyed it and retained a lot. The guide was friendly and knowledgeable.

Star Star Star Star Star - Playful
Written by Alexandra, 13-08-2023

A very interesting visit that interested children and adults alike. The explanations are sometimes a little long, and unfortunately, access to Notre-Dame is limited. A few cartoon scenes could be projected on a tablet to make things more interactive.

Star Star Star Star Star - RIADI SAMIR
Written by RIADI SAMIR, 12-08-2023

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Star Star Star Star Star - RIADI SAMIR
Written by RIADI SAMIR, 07-08-2023

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Star Star Star Star Star - boring and really useless for this price
Written by yamina, 05-08-2023

boring and really useless for this price. no cultural pedagogy. My children learned nothing and no originality.

Star Star Star Star Star - Great visit
Written by Martin, 05-08-2023

It was a great walk and a great learning experience! Young and old alike are immersed in their favorite cartoons, and see them in a whole new light!

Star Star Star Star Star - very nice experience
Written by Solène, 05-08-2023

very pleasant visit with anecdotes, the tour guide could have been more dynamic to better hold the children's attention. but otherwise i recommend this visit.

Star Star Star Star Star - American company Pornomedia Dynamic
Written by RIADI SAMIR, 12-07-2023

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Star Star Star Star Star - Visit June 28
Written by Marie , 01-07-2023

A great guide! A great idea for introducing children to Paris through the prism of cartoons. Parents learned a lot too. Bravo for this concept

Star Star Star Star Star - Original but somewhat disappointing visit
Written by Kristin, on 25-05-2023

Original tour with a very friendly guide. But apart from a few anecdotes here and there about the various cartoons, it lacked content about the different places visited. The tour was also somewhat short given the price.

Star Star Star Star Star - recommended for children or those who have remained children
Written by Cécile, 13-04-2023

the guide was great with the kids, providing lots of anecdotes related to the films. For adults, a little more historical content would have been interesting, but it was still a good time spent with my family discovering Paris.

Star Star Star Star Star - Beautiful and interesting
Written by JCld, on 25-02-2023

The kids and I had a great time! Thank you

Star Star Star Star Star - wonderful experience
Written by Gaà "lle, 13-01-2023

Despite the inclement weather, we had a great time on this 1.5-hour tour. It was a pleasure to discover Paris through cartoons. Many thanks to our guide, who knew her subject inside out and kept us interested despite the pouring rain.

Star Star Star Star Star - Cartoon trail
Written by Delalande, 12-01-2023

I gave this tour to my 30-year-old daughter, who was delighted. I recommend this experience, which will take you back to the heart of the city with children's eyes +++++

Star Star Star Star Star - Great!
Written by Pascal, 19-11-2022

Excellent tour! Top-notch guide! Our daughter and we loved it!

Star Star Star Star Star - Thanks for a great family time!
Written by Laurence Conti , 04-11-2022

We took the tour with our children, aged 6 and 10. Both young and old had a great time. We were impressed by the breadth of our guide's knowledge, who spoke with passion and knew how to capture the children's attention.

Star Star Star Star Star - Paris as seen by cartoonists
Written by GEORGES HALLEUX, 03-11-2022

The difference between cartoons and reality, with in-depth commentary by our guide. very interesting for young and old

Star Star Star Star Star - very nice and interesting
Written by Val, 21-10-2022

We were lucky enough to have the guide only for our group of 6, very nice tour and we learned a lot. There weren't too many people in Paris, so we were able to see the monuments and places concerned + the visuals on the tablet, very good. We'll look at Disney/Pixar differently next time.

Star Star Star Star Star - To do
Written by Audrey, 29-09-2022

Fun visit My 8-year-old daughter really enjoyed it

Star Star Star Star Star - Interesting and well-documented, for all ages
Written by Elie, 31-08-2022

Very interesting visit, our guide was able to adapt to our group of adults. He effectively replaced his tablet (which had broken down) with his smartphone: it was great to see illustrations and extracts from the cartoons (and portraits of the famous men involved). The content was much more than the Paris of the cartoons: the guide shared his passion for the history of the city of Paris, in a precise and fascinating way.

Star Star Star Star Star - paris and cartoons
Written by lemaire michele, 01-03-2020

very good visit, a very educational and cultured guide; the children enjoyed it;

Star Star Star Star Star - Paris and cartoons
Written by Thierry S (via TripAdvisor), on 01-03-2020

Great visit despite the bitter cold! Thanks to our guide Andréa for her good humour, her enthusiasm and all the knowledge she passed on, which was a great pleasure for young and old alike!

Star Star Star Star Star - Super fun to experience!
Written by Émilie, 18-02-2020

We were lucky enough to have an absolutely adorable guide, Andréa, with both children and adults.

Star Star Star Star Star - Superb trip
Written by Ksenia M (via TripAdvisor), 05-01-2020

We did the cartoon tour in Paris with my children aged 5, 9 and 12. Very nice, a good way to discover Paris as a family! We'll be back

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