In French
Indoor and outdoor
With children from 6 to 9 years old
Outdoor Escape game in the covered passages in Paris, special for children

"The secrets of the covered passages"

Courses designed for children from 6 to 9 years old
The booklet includes riddles for children but also for older children

  • Objective of the game: your team has 70mn top time to reach the guide. To get there, you will have to solve riddles by walking through the 9th district and some of the of the most beautiful Parisian passages
  • This Escape Game was designed for families with of young children Riddles for parents and riddles for children
  • The game consists of combine all these puzzles to advance on the course. A real team work parent/child!
  • It's a fun night out. But you'll have to use your brains, your sense of observation and orientation and your logic
  • You have a map, a tablet, a book for adults and a booklet for children. Children will keep their booklet after the Escape Game
  • Our advice If you also have children over the age of 10, this Escape Game is suitable for the whole family, as the children's booklet includes puzzles for both young and old. The whole family will participate and have fun.

ATTENTION: in French only

Notice to the little cheaters: your laptop will not be of any use to you to solve the riddles (too easy). You won't find the answers to the riddles, they are much too subtle for Google ...

Tarifs and information

-10% with code FAMILINPROMO

  • 72€ instead of 80 € for a group of 2 to 6 people (regardless of the number of participants)
  • Duration of the Escape Game 1h30 (including 15mn presentation)
  • Language: French
  • Distance travelled : about 2km
  • course From the Grands-Boulevards to the Comédie Française (3 or 4 covered passages depending on the route)
  • max. 6 persons per team and the mandatory presence of at least one adult
  • Meeting place In front of 7, bd Montmartre (metro Grands Boulevards)
  • 2 routes proposed in the neighborhood
  • For families with children aged 6 to 9


  • It's a fun outing, like all Escape Games, with the added bonus of a cultural dimension. This game develops the sense of orientation and observation
  • We keep the children away from their screens!
  • We discover this unique Parisian heritage that are the covered galleries (or covered passages) while having fun
  • A very entertaining and timely outing when the weather is gloomy or rainy because the stroll is done for a good part under cover in the Parisian passages


  • Can we cancel the Escape Game if we have an impediment? You will find the cancellation conditions on the website of our partner (at the time of booking)
  • Can young people do it alone? No, the presence of one adult per group is mandatory if the other participants are minors
  • And if it's raining? Ponchos are available to participants

Birthdays, privatizations, rallies, schools

  • For the birthday of your If you are a child, you book this Escape Game (you can form several teams of 6 players max.).
  • For schools (primary level), leisure centers, associations, IT'S HERE

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