The places in Paris that inspired the cartoons
From 4 years old
For a school or extracurricular outing
the guided tour of Paris in the animated districts

The private tour "Paris in the cartoons

  • This very fun visit addresses the theme of cartoons whose history is happening in Paris
  • You will discover the places in Paris that inspired such famous cartoons than Ratatouilleat Pixar, the Aristocats or the Hunchback of Notre Dame Disney Studios
  • We will talk to them aboutAnastasia, Rémy the cook (Ratatouille) or Francoeur in A Monster in Paris ...
  • This walk is animated by a professional guide accustomed to the young public
  • It is aimed at young audiences, from the age of 4 years
  • Age : from 4 years old
  • Points of interest between the quai de la Tournelle and the Pont-neuf
  • Meeting place : in front of the restaurant, la Tour d'Argent, 17 quai de Tournelle (in the 5th district)
  • duration 1h30 (about 2km)
  • Visit provided by professional guide-lecturers (in French or English)
  • Mandatory presence of at least one adult during the visit if it has been booked for a group of young people

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