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  • WE love : Musical awakening for the little ones
  • Age : For toddlers; from 2 years
  • Duration: Until May 26
  • Location: The Comedy of Paris (Paris 9th)

The show "Les Vacances de Capucine" offers a musical journey for the whole family, with a singer-actress and a piano, for children aged 2 to 6. and a piano, for children from 2 to 6 years old. The show lasts 40 minutes and is perfectly suited to children. toddlers. A musical journey full of charm, in a pretty and colourful setting.

  • After the success of the two previous shows, " the Comptines de Capucine"And"the Birthday of Capucine", The company" In Scenery "imagined" The Capucine's Holiday ".
  • Right here, Capucine is on holiday by the sea. She dreams of eating an ice cream at snack time! But you can't eat ice cream every day! Capucine falls asleep and dreams that she is going to look for her ice cream...
  • This new story by Capucine serves as a pretext for twenty or so traditional rhymes that that the little ones can accompany with their voice and/or gesture because they have often learned them at nursery school and at school. school. In the repertoire of this pleasant musical journey, old children's songs, funny or famous famous nursery rhymes (Cadet Roussel, Frère Jacques, Le Petit Ver de terre ...)
  • Alexandre Vaz, director, created in 1998, the theatrical company "Dans les décors" dedicated to the dedicated to the creation and staging of musical shows for toddlers.
  • Considering that theatre is an essential part of children's development, Alexandre Vaz offers shows that should captivate children with well-known songs, bright colors, whimsical objects objects...
  • The company "Dans les Décors" offers several shows for children, in France and abroad.
  • Three of these shows are regularly performed at the Comédie de Paris: The Capucine Holidays, the Anniversary of Capucine and the Comptines de Capucine.
  • The Capucine trilogy is played by actress Stéphanie Pierron. She was also Lady Marianne in Robin Hood, Isabelle and the Bohemian in The Pirate Treasure and Coquinette in Puss in Boots.

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