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Capucine's vacation

  • WE LOVE : Musical awakening for the little ones
  • AGE : for 1 - 6 years old
  • DATE:  until January 7, 2024
  • DURATION : 40 minutes
  • LOCATION: The Comedy of Paris (Paris 9th)
Capucine's vacations
  • After the success of the two previous shows, " Capucine Nursery Rhymes"And"the Anniversary of Capucine", The company" In Scenery "imagined" The Capucine's Holiday ".
  • Here, Capucine is on vacation by the sea. She dreams of eating an ice cream at snack time! But you can't eat ice cream every day! Capucine falls asleep and dreams that she goes in search of her ice cream...
  • This new story of Capucine is used as a pretext for twenty traditional nursery rhymes that toddlers can accompany by voice and gesture because often they learned them at the nursery and at school. To the repertoire of this pleasant musical journey, old children's songs, funny or famous nursery rhymes (Cadet Roussel, Frère Jacques, Le Petit Ver de terre ...)
  • A musical journey full of charm, in a pretty and colorful setting
  • A 40 minute show

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