Disguise, makeup, boom, balloons, games ...
Thanks to great comedians who come to your home, your child's birthday partyBirthday child Paris | Original or unusual formulas will remain an unforgettable moment for him and his buddies. It's a very complete formula made of mini workshops. Children do not have time to get tired and pass from one workshop to another: magic, balloon sculpture, mini-boom etc ... A very lively birthday, happy and very peppy! The snack is not provided in these formulas but the animator will be able to help you to taste it and the opening of the gifts.


themed birthday party at home


  • Makeup with airbrush who will turn every child into his favorite hero
  • Apartment games to start the party with team and group games to have fun with friends
  • Puppets or Magic (to choose) - Puppet show that will captivate the children or Magic Tricks that will leave them speechless
  • Mini boom and musical games - It's time to party like the big ones, on their favorite music tracks.
  • Sculpted balloons - To finish the party in style they will all go home with their ball shaped dog, sword or jumping mouse.
  • The tea party attended by our actress including the opening - long-awaited - gifts.
price: 230 €
number of children: 12 children max
duration: 2.5 hours
Travel expenses (excluding zone 1 and 2): 20 € zone 3/35 € zone 4/45 € zone 5


5 themes to choose from:

  • The fairy theme - The fairy people of the forest of Brocéliande need help to save the forest
  • Pirate - Hackers go on board to flush out new adventurers
  • One thousand and one nights - Travel to the heart of the 1001 Nights of Arabia
  • Indian - Experience an extraordinary adventure worthy of the greatest Westerns
  • Magic Witch - Follow in the footsteps of the Wicked Witch of the West in the heart of OzCes

Each formula includes : airbrush make-up, home games, magic show, mini boom (and musical games), puppet shows, carved balloons

price: 270 €
number of children: 15 children max
duration: 3h
Travel expenses (excluding zone 1 and 2): 20 € zone 3/35 € zone 4/45 € zone 5


3 themes to choose from:

  • Star of a Day (3h) On the program, airbrush makeup, sports (warm-up, abs, pumps), theater, musical quiz, dance to play the stars and singing contests. And of course, the snack ...
  • Inquiry at the Manor or in Egypt (2h30) - Spend 2:30 in the skin of a detective with the program: airbrush makeup, investigation to solve an enigma (theft of the cake or jewelry Cleopatra ...) and mini boom.
  • Team Games (3h) to challenge and have fun - sports events, tactics and quizzes are waiting for you. Who on the Red or Blue team will win?
price: 270 €
number of children: 15 children max
duration: 2h30 or 3h depending on the theme
Travel expenses (excluding zone 1 and 2): 20 € zone 3/35 € zone 4/45 € zone 5

themed birthday formula for children

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Are the children disguised? The actor disguises himself according to the chosen theme. Children come disguised if they wish. We take care of makeup with the airbrush, which already transforms them from head to toe.
  • What is airbrush makeup? The makeup is sprayed on the face using an airbrush gun and stencils (finished brushes and sponges).
  • And for the musical animation? The actor brings their tablet and speaker, as well as the pieces. He will ask upstream 3/4 pieces of music that the child who celebrates his birthday particularly likes. The boom usually lasts 15 minutes.
  • What about balloons? Balloons decoration is the parents but the balloons carved in the shape of animals where sword are the actors who bring them and who form them in front of the children
  • Are the interpteticians arriving a little early to prepare? The comedian arrives at your place 30 minutes before the guests to prepare everything.
  • Who takes care of the cake and sweets? The parents
  • And for decoration? Same punishment, parents


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