For young people from 12 years old

Our selection of classical pieces, from humor show for teenagers, from contemporary plays or boulevard plays to be seen in Paris at the moment and which should please for people over 12 years old. In family or as part of a theater outing with middle or high school studentsThey are all adapted to young audiences. Some of these successful plays, such as the play Edmond by Alexis Michalik have received nominations and are regularly rescheduled in Paris. It is advisable to book tickets in advance for the top-selling plays.

The silent world is yelling!

The world of silence is shouting!

An ecological, funny and educational stand up. Until January 8, 2023

The Big New Year's Eve (immersive show)

Le Grand Réveillon (immersive show)

An immersive family show. At the castle of Champs sur Marne (77)

The Secret of Sherlock Holmes

The secret of Sherlock Holmes

A family show, funny and well done. Until March 25, 2023

Berlin Berlin

Berlin Berlin

The play that breaks down the walls. Until July 2, 2023

Once a teenager, always a backpacker

Once a teenager, always a backpacker

Very funny and dynamic. Until January 1st 2023

The Turing machine

The Turing machine

A great piece to show to teens. Until April 2, 2023

The Physician Despite Himself

The Physician in spite of himself

A timeless classic. Until December 30, 2022




A brilliant and delightful play. Until April 16, 2023

Tickets from 19,55 ?

Last Scissors

Last Shot of Scissors

Molière for the best comedy. Until May 16, 2023

The History Maker

The Bearer of History

The jubilant, funny, original, imaginative play. Until January 21, 2023

Racine by the Root

Root by Racine

All of Racine in 1h15! Bluffing! We love it. From October 5 to June 28, 2023

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