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The garden of many colors

The André Citroen Park is a modern park known (among other things) for its two large greenhouses (one with tropical plants and the other with Mediterranean orange trees), its Generali balloon (to discover Paris at 150m above the ground) and its water jets in summer when it's very hot (kids love it). And it's the only park in Paris that has a view on the Seine.

Large lawns for picnicsIt's a great way to meet up with friends or family or to get a tan! Bring your badminton rackets and a ball

Hot air balloon flight (the Generali balloon)

  • The Generali Balloon is open every day from 9am until 30 minutes before the park closes.
  • Before coming, check on whether the balloon can fly or not.
hot air balloon flight

Activities in the André Citroën Park

  • The park is composed of several gardens The black garden, the blue garden, the green garden, the orange garden, the red garden, the silver garden and the golden garden. Each one refers to a metal, a colour, a planet, a meaning or a day of the week.
  • Aisles and back alleys allow you to walk around (very practical with strollers) and to discover an incredible plant palette that changes color with the seasons
  • The White Garden for children : a ball games area, 2 ping-pong tables (remember to bring your rackets and balls), a zip line and games on a soft ground.
  • The Black Garden for children : 5 enclosures with 2 sandboxes topped with spring games, wooden huts and slides
  • For teens A 350m2 space to spend some energy without disturbing others.

The water jets in the André Citroën park

water jets to cool down during the heat wave in Paris
  • They spring up from the ground when the temperatures start to rise in Paris and the heat wave begins. the dream place to refresh the little ones
  • It's a must for the little Parisians in July and August
  • In theory, swimming is forbidden in the fountains which. So, watch out for slips and falls by children (you alone will be responsible if you have injuries).
  • Don't forget to sunscreen, hats and bathing suits !

A little history and geography

  • The André Citroën Park is located on the site of the former Citroën Paris plant.
  • It is an urban, contemporary and modern park which was inaugurated in 1992
  • It has an area of 14 hectares

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Practical information

View schedule details Weekdays from 8.00 a.m. to 9.30 p.m. Saturdays and Sundays from 9.00 a.m. to 9.30 p.m.

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