Marine yoga in front of exotic fish Ideal for families, from 6 years old
  • The YogAquarium is the only yoga class in front of an aquarium!
  • This is a marine yoga class with family in front of exotic fish
  • The course is given atAquarium of Paris (16th)
  • A class dedicated to parents and children and accessible to all, even to the uninitiated
  • During this yoga session, you will take Postures related to the marine world such as the dolphin, the flamingo ...
  • This yoga class mixes inventiveness, stability and improvisation in a Zenitude-specific place!
  • The YogAquarium session ends with a meditation phase with a story that invites you on a voyage underwater
  • The class is limited to 30 people (children and adults)
  • The courses are led by Roxane Adel, a Yoga graduate with the RYE recognized by the national education

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