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model workshop on Wednesday

Pros : The workshops are led by specialists who really want to share their passion
WE love : they are removed from their screens for 1:30 and it was really good!
Cocorico: the models are made in France.
Or : in the 11th in Paris
When: Saturday at 14:30 (duration 1h30)


The Model Workshop at 1001Hobbies

  • These workshops aim tointroduce children and teenagers to model building
  • During 1h30 (duration of a workshop), they will be able to be taken for Leonardo da Vinci, the Corbusier or Christian Gouel
  • They are accompanied by specialists (and passionate) of model making and model making in France, who will direct them for the execution of their model (assembly and painting)
  • Each workshop has a theme precise: planes, boats, military vehicles, cars ...
  • These workshops are very fun and adapted to each according to their age
  • They are aimed at both girls and boys
  • All equipment is provided : glue, paint (acrylic, so washable with water), tools and models


the Paris Cineaqua aquarium



  • Adult workshop (model provided) :  27€   instead of 30 € 
  • Workshop 7-15 years (model provided) :   22,50€  instead of 25 €
  • A la carte workshop (model not provided *): 13,50€  instead of 15 € 
  • 225€ instead of 250 € for privatization (12 p.
  • For a request for privatization, contact directly our partner to:  [email protected]  or call 01 79 73 68 76

* to buy and choose on the spot


Practical information

View schedule details Wednesday from 15:30 to 17h

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