Big carnival, March 22 from 1pm

Carnival of Women 2020 in Paris

The carnival of the women or the Festival of the Whitewashers

  • On March 22nd, the women's carnival brings back to life an old festive tradition of the mid-Lent festival organized in the past by the Parisian laundresses.
  • On this occasion, women are the queens of the parade and men are required to dress up as women to be part of the party!
  • Of course participate who wants, disguised or not.
  • After le carnaval de Paris - Promenade du B?uf Gras  which takes place every year on the Sunday before Mardi Gras, the women's carnival is the carnival of mid-Lent.
  • It is a parade in the Marais district.
  • Meeting point from 1pm on the central median of the Place du Châtelet.
  • Departure of the parade from the Place du Châtelet at 3pm and return to the same place around 6pm
  • The parade will start at 3pm for a loop circuit passing through the Marais district. Return and end at 6pm.
  • And for carnival lovers, we also point out the Wild Carnival February 29

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