- Ecological and playful musical show -
Ideal from 4 years old
  • WE LOVE : an ecological musical show
  • AGE: from 4 years old
  • DATE:  until January 29, 2023
  • LOCATION: Théâtre Essaion (Paris 4th)
young audience show

Who turned off the water? : the ecological and playful investigation

  • A real ecological and playful investigation.
  • A show full of twists and turns to the rhythm of poetic and committed songs!
  • Kimo, an intrepid and curious little girl, discovers one morning that there is no more water in the taps.
  • She decides to travel the world to understand "who cut off the water?" and how the water cycle works.
  • During his investigation, Kiko meets a polar bear, a fish and a "water engineer".
  • If the situation is alarming, Kiko will discover during her investigation the actions we can all do to save the planet.
  • Duration of the show: 50 minutes.
  • Every day at 4pm during the Christmas vacations
  • Break: December 25 and January 1

Practical information

See schedule details Every morning during the Christmas vacations

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