Three guided tours in Paris around the Street Art

3 neighborhoods and 3 very different approaches to Street Art


GUIDED TOUR # 1: Street Art in Belleville

  • You will walk in the Belleville area and denicter all the "spots" and urban supports that allowed artists to express themselves with Street Art
  • The guide will take you Denoyez Street where you will discover an impressive space with its walls covered with graffiti
  • It's one of the richest neighborhoods for to see Street Art
  • Duration 1h30 on a course of about 2 km
  • In French and in English


street art dans le quartier de Belleville

GUIDED TOUR N ° 2: Street Art in the 13th

  • This ride on the Street Art in the 13th to discover a neighborhood in full transformation
  • Raise your nose and admire the immense frescoes made by collectives or artists of international renown.
  • The guide proposes to discover these frescoes of the Place d'Italie at the banks of the Seine.
  • Duration 1h30 on a course of about 2 km
  • In French and in English


Visite Street Art dans le 13ème arrondissement de Paris

GUIDED TOUR # 3: Street art at Butte aux Cailles

  • The Butte quail is a charming village that has kept a bucolic soul. It's the countryside in Paris!
  • It is also a neighborhood that has seen "bloom" Street Art in recent years.
  • Your guide will take you to this neighborhood with undeniable charm by taking small streets and unknown addresses that hide small treasure in Street Art: the passage Barrault, the Place de la Commune or Daniel Villa.
  • He will tell you the history of this district and its emblematic places: the pool at Butte aux Cailles or the place of the Commune. And you will discover artists recognized as Miss Tic or Seth.
  • An unexpected visit to two sights: the discovery of a neighborhood and its country atmosphere and the modernity of Street Art
  • Duration 1h30 on a course of about 2 km
  • In French and in English


balade Street Art dans le quartier de la Butte aux Cailles

Practical Information & Rates

Individual visits

  • Adult price: 13,50€ instead of 15 €
  • Child price (-12 years old): 6,75€ instead of € 7.50
  • Free for children under 4
  • Individual visits: the days and times are different depending on the Street Art visits. They can change depending on the time of year (excluding holidays and school holidays in different areas).
  • 20 to 25 participants max. by group

Private tours and anniversary privatization

  • Price for a privatization: 134,10€ instead of 149 €, for 12 people (adults and children) max.
  • For more than 12 people, contact us by e-mail.
  • (several dates and time slots)

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