For children from 6 to 11 years old
Disguising yourself in Gaulish (e) and Roman (e) to visit Paris
THE THEME:  Paris at the time of the Romans and the Gauls
Age:  for 6/11 years
Duration of the visit :  1:30
WARNING :  mandatory presence of at least one adult

Visite costumée pour enfants paris

Practical Information & Rates

Private visits (for 1 or more families for example)

  • Price for a privatization : 149€ (20% discount whatever the date of the visit)
  • For a group of 12 people (adults and children) max.
  • The guide adapts to the age of the children
  • (several dates and time slots)

School outings, recreation centers, youth centers

  • Group rates (from 12 children or teens): contact us
  • For all inquiries and (or) quotes: Contact us by email
  • We accept purchase orders



The private and costumed guided tour (optional)


  • The children (and their parents) will discover the ancient Paris Latin Quarter: the arena of Lutetia which served as a battle area for gladiators, the famous baths of Cluny, ancient baths used by Roman citizens ...
  • This walk is animated by a guide, tourism professional in Paris
  • She addresses herself to all (individuals, couples, families). The guide adapts its comments according to its audience
  • The course is suitable for young and old
  • In French or English


  • of the costumes (disguises) full of Gaulish / Gallic and Roman / Roman will be loaned to children who wish
  • Loan ofaccessories (shields, swords ...) for children who do not want to disguise themselves
  • Disguises put on top of clothes, no need to undress


  • A course of about 2km
  • The Latin Quarter at the time the city of Lutetia: we start 50 Av. Jesus Christ and we walk in the 1st century
  • This visit is happening outdoors. The sites, monuments and buildings are not visited but their story told.
  • Meeting point: metro Jussieu


❤ We love this costume walk

  • Kids love to dress up. In Gauls and Romans, they are more attentive to the stories and stories told by the guide (passionate about Histoire de France ?)
  • The guide adapts his speech to young audiences
  • It is a fun and fun way to discover Antique Paris in family
  • The children keep an excellent memory (do not forget to take pictures)

For more info, read the Parisian article on the costumed walks!


Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can we cancel the visit if we have an impediment? You will find the conditions of cancellation on the site of our partner (click on BOOK)
  • Can the ride be done with a child in a stroller? Yes, without worry. It's an excursion in the street. We can take baby
  • And in a wheelchair? There are stairs on the course. In this case it is necessary to inform the organizers before the visit
  • Are adults disguised? No, costumes are only for children. But nothing prevents you from doing the same if the heart tells you
  • Can children keep the costumes at the end of the visit? Unfortunately no, it will be necessary to return them to the guide at the end of the visit!


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