A scavenger hunt for kids at the Louvre
Family, private, school and extracurricular
For 3-6 year olds

1 – WE DO NOT ACCEPT LONE CHILDREN (unaccompanied by an adult).
2 - YOU MUST BOOK A TICKET FOR EVERY PARTICIPANT (children and accompanying adults). 

Date in red the session is sold out
Date in green : Places are still available 🙂 Please note that if you are unable to select the desired number of tickets on the same order, there are not enough seats available overall -> choose another session.

What better way than the Louvre to make children aware of Art and to make them love museums... This interactive and participative visit is animated by tour guides specialized in young audiences.
Children love to be told stories. And they like to be the actors. During this guided tourWe ask them questions, we ask them to search for images and intruders. The lecturer will speak to them about the Gods, Mythology and their heroes like Joyeuse, Perseus, Apollo and Daphne, Pegasus. But also about Rubens, Napoleon, and Marie de Médicis...
The purpose of this visit is to objective to develop the senses of children and use their imagination (often overflowing).
The visit will end with a pause in the new space dedicated to families "Le Studio" which offers books and board games.

Rates and information for scheduled visits

  • Adults (not ticket-exempt) must pick up their Guimet Museum ticket on arrival (it is not included in the price of the guided tour).
  • 20 to 22 participants maximum per visit
  • duration : 1h30
  • Meeting place : Richelieu passage under the arcades outside (do not enter the museum)
  • This visit is animated by guide-lecturers
  • An adult seat is necessarily associated with a child seat.
  • Visit in French


  • Who is it for? : school, extra-curricular, birthday, family privatization...
  • Rate From 250 euros per visit
  • Increase of 20% on Sundays and holidays
  • Number 25 people max (adults and/or children)
  • Visit in French or English
  • For schoolchildren: from the first grade / primary school

Guided tours for families in museums...

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Star Star Star Star Star - Overall satisfactory
Written by AFB, 21-02-2024

Very fun activity enjoyed by the children. Excellent activity leader. The meeting place was very badly signposted and risked making us arrive too late even though we had been "on the spot" for a long time.

Star Star Star Star Star - Top
Written by Stéphanie Mork, 21-02-2024

Speaker perfectly suited to her audience. Varied tour of paintings, objets d'art and sculpture Only difficulty: clarity for members of the Amis du Louvre in terms of admission fees. Yes to recommend to others

Star Star Star Star Star - A successful introduction to the arts
Written by Danièle Azoulay, 21-02-2024

The RV location is imprecise, as the passage is not well signposted. It should be specified opposite place xx . The discovery was enriching for the children, as it was perfectly suited to ages 5 and up. We'll be back with the little ones.

Star Star Star Star Star - The kids loved it
Written by Anne Boussen, 14-02-2024

A beautiful visit adapted to my grandchildren aged 4 and 6. I highly recommend it.

Star Star Star Star Star - Very good
Written by Elodie de Bosmelet, 14-02-2024

Tour adapted to young audiences, with enough content and interaction to keep them captive. I recommend this tour.

Star Star Star Star Star - An excellent visit for the little ones!
Written by Claire Gervais, 08-01-2024

We followed this visit to the Louvre with great interest and curiosity. Natalina introduced us to some sublime and lesser-known works (so not too many people!) through simple, accessible challenges for the little ones. My 4-year-old son loved it (we're still singing Natalina's nursery rhyme ☺️). We highly recommend it!

Star Star Star Star Star - Great experience
Written by Anne-Claire RAAK, 08-01-2024

Lovely speaker, presentation and games well suited to the age group. Very well organized

Star Star Star Star Star - The tour is suitable for younger children!
Written by Marie-Caroline Caillet, 06-11-2023

We had a great time, and our 3 & and 4 year olds stayed very focused throughout the visit thanks to the very educational explanations of the guide, who had prepared a whole program adapted to their age. Thank you so much!


I wanted to book 2 tickets for the 1a visite mini Louvre contée for my 3? year old grandson and myself for February 12, but I can't find the free ticket (I have free access to the Louvre as a Banque de France employee). What should I do?
Thank you for your reply.

Familin'Paris logo
Agnes Team Familin'Paris

Hello, you need to choose the "Exempt adult ticket (visit + free Louvre admission) at 22€" option.

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