From 10 years
In the La Défense district
Family, private, school and extracurricular
Visit led by guides specialized in young people

The playful visit "La tête dans les nuages" (contemporary art rally)

Here Art has always been present in all its forms. About fifty works are present in this high place of Parisian business also a place to live (and yes, there are inhabitants at La Défense, not just offices!!)

From the Esplanade de la Défense metro exit to the Grande Arche, our speaker takes you on a tour of this open-air museum: giant spider, sleepwalkersstrange dancersdisproportionate bench... We will talk about art, sculptures, architecture, and evenhistory of the Defense of Paris... Are you starting to see the connection with the name of this neighborhood??? 😉

A playful and airy visit in the permanent collections of Paris la Défense with great contemporary artists such as CalderTakisSelingerMorelletCaesar and even a fragment of the Berlin Wall! 

Rates and information for scheduled visits

-10% with code FAMILINPARIS

  • Rate : 14 (adult or child)
  • 22 participants maximum per visit
  • Duration of the visit about 1h30
  • Meeting place : La Défense
  • This visit is animated by a guide speaker
  • An adult seat is necessarily associated with a child seat.
  • Weather : visits are maintained even if it rains slightly
  • Visit in French

Privatization and group

  • Privatization 220 euros for the group
  • Number 22 people max. (adults and/or children)
  • Visit in French
  • Animated by lecturers

School and extracurricular activities

  • Rate for schoolchildren 200 euros for a class
  • Visit in French
  • Schoolchildren : end of primary and secondary school
  • Leisure centre, youth association, town hall for children from 6 years old
  • (payments in administrative vouchers are accepted)

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