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Scavenger hunt for children from 7 to 10 years old

The treasure hunt "In search of Street Art" in the Belleville district

But who is this artist in the Belleville district? Who is this mysterious Street Artist who asks us to participate in his work? The children will have to go through a part of the 20th district, redouble their caution and attention to reach the end of this mission...

  • The C14 Network has been contacted by a world famous street artist. He has decided to create a giant mural that will represent "the new symbol of Paris". Our mission To find a piece of the work and install it in secrecy and clandestinity. It's a thrilling game of chaseThis game will develop their sense of direction, logic and observation.
  • For an hour and a half, from signs found on a grid, from a label hidden under a bench, from a clue given by the facilitatorthe children will have to think, use their wits, and move on to the next step
  • They're going to solve riddles and each correct answer will allow them to advance on the course until the final goal, to find the work of this mystery artist... and put it in the street!
  • They'll leave with a little trophy at the end of the game...
  • Parents can be present but beware (!!) forbidden to burn the children's blanket!
  • It is a very popular area for parents quiet area with few cars

RATES (same price as direct)

  • Formula S : 150€ (up to 8 children)
  • Formula M : 190€ (up to 10 children)
  • Formula L : 230€ (up to 12 children)
  • The snack is not included in this formula


  • Age for children from 7 to 10 years old
  • Number of children S formula (up to 8), M formula (up to 10), L formula (up to 12)
  • The place in the Belleville district (20th)
  • Meeting place Square of the Saint-Jean Baptiste de Belleville church (139 rue de Belleville)
  • duration : 1h30
  • Weather : the treasure hunt is maintained if it rains
  • Held at Good shoes and a bottle of water, hat and glasses if the weather is very nice

Find the list of our reviews
Star Star Star Star Star - Excellent activity
Written by Marion de Cisternes, 30-09-2023

The birthday afternoon was a great success, and all the children really got into the game. They sometimes had difficulty solving the riddles, but were always aided by the actress!

Star Star Star Star Star - Great entertainment for the kids!
Written by Pauline Lauvenant, 03-07-2023

An investigation that's both highly instructive and fun. Agent Chronos managed to keep the children (8 years old) interested, and they became hyper-enthusiastic about finding street-art in the streets and solving the riddles. Bravo for the finale, and especially for the agent's masterly exit worthy of the greatest films (we laughed!).

Star Star Star Star Star - Super secret agent mission!
Written by Laure Barthélemy , 21-05-2023

The kids loved this mission, they were highly motivated and learned a lot! The secret agent led the adventure masterfully. In short, a super original idea for birthday parties, I recommend it.

Star Star Star Star Star - Such a great activity
Written by Félicia Joinau-Zoulovits, on 05-05-2023

The 7-8 year olds loved the street art trail and the enigma in the 20th district. The agent Chronos was great! Activity to recommend

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