Exhibition at the Grande Halle de la Villette Last chance to see the pharaoh's treasures before their return to Egypt
  • WE love : the splendor of the treasures of the tomb of Tutankhamen, dating back more than 3000 years years, and the exceptional scenography
  • Age: from 8 years old
  • Duration: until September 22, 2019
  • Location: Great Hall of the Villette (Paris 19th)
  • Rate : Weekdays: Adult 22 ? ; Child (4 to 14 years old) 18 ? - Weekend : Adult 24 ? ; Child 20 ?

It is strongly recommended that you purchase your tickets in advance. Time-stamped tickets per 30-minute session

Tutankhamun, the exhibition of the moment in Paris

The treasures of Tutankhamun, a wonder

  • The exhibition Toutankhâmon the Pharaoh's Treasure presents 150 objects, a third of which never left Egypt from Egypt
  • It is a part of the works discovered in 1922 in the tomb of Tutankhamun, a real Ali Baba's cave. The other large tombs were all looted, most of them shortly after funerals.
  • This is the last opportunity to see them before they move to the Great Egyptian Museum, which is scheduled to open in Cairo between 2020 and 2022. planned to open in Cairo between 2020 and 2022.
  • The richness of these funerary objects dating from 1336 BC, as well as their beauty and and refinement are simply extraordinary.
  • The exhibition shows intimate objects that served the young pharaoh and that he took to his tomb: gloves, sandals gloves, sandals, walking sticks, hunting bows ... Pharaoh must have had everything he needed to live Pharaoh had to have everything he needed to live in his journey to the afterlife and to resist evil spirits.
  • The statue of the god Amun protecting Tutankhamun, Tutankhamun standing on a panther, a magnificent golden pectoral, a ceremonial gilded wooden shield, a figure of Horus under a tree, a statue of the god of the gods. a magnificent golden pectoral, a ceremonial shield in gilded wood, a figurine of Horus in the guise of a falcon, a golden pectoral of the bird Ba with an incrustation of the the features of a falcon, a golden pectoral of the bird Ba with glass inlays?
  • Here we see only a small part of the treasure of Tutankhamun because today 5,398 pieces are kept in the Cairo Museum. are kept in the Cairo Museum, including the famous mask which will never leave the country

An exceptional scenography, an exhibition adapted to children from 8 years old

  • The scenography is masterful and the exhibition, Toutankhâmon le trésor du pharaon, is remarkably educational. It is a wonderful introduction to Egyptology for young people.
  • The course offers an immersion in ancient Egypt, its deities and its mythology. It allows you to to walk in a semi-darkness around the works, to discover them from all angles, in well-lit in well-lit showcases.
  • The exhibition also presents many videos and photos, which show the excavation work, until today. It also devotes a room to the "Tut-Mania", delirium that took hold in the 20s of the Western world.
  • The atmosphere of the exhibition respects and perpetuates the mystery of the tomb that was destined never to never reopen.

magnificent exhibition on the treasures of the tomb of Tutankhamun
exhibition on the treasures of the tomb of toutankhamon at the Grande halle de la villette
Tutankhamun exhibition at the Grande Halle de la Villette
treasure of toutankamon at the grande halle de la Villette

Practical information

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  • Every day from 10am to 8pm, without exception

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Remmeau Alain

I went to visit this magnificent exhibition on TOUTANKHAMON last Sunday but I could not buy the book at 50 ? out of stock.
At the reception I gave my phone number and email address so that you can contact me to buy this book. I would like to have an answer and tell me how I can get it.
Sincerely yours.

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